Vivo V20 front camera features that are a mainstay for selfie vlogging


Selfie vlogging activities have become a trend in society and are favored by young people on social media. Now selfie vlogging can also be done using a smartphone because camera technology is increasing, one of which is by using I live V20.

Vivo V20 accommodates the needs of young people to take moments in life, especially selfie vlogging, which is currently being produced for content on social media.

Equipped with a front camera with a 44 MP resolution, the Vivo V20 is known as a cellphone with a high-resolution selfie camera in its class. With such a resolution, Vivo V20 is able to produce clear and best photos and videos.

“The selfie-vlogging activity that is currently trending spurred us to present a device that can accommodate these activities. Selfie-vlogging activities can be more fun, with the best front camera in its class that we present on the Vivo V20,” said Senior Product Manager vivo Indonesia Ricky Bunardi in a written statement, Thursday (15/10/2020).

Various features are also embedded in the front camera of this V-Series family. For maximum selfie-vlogging activities, there is 44MP Eye Autofocus with 44MP Eye Tracking which will track user movement with a focus point on the eye to record clearer images, even during fast movements.
The second is 44MP Autofocus with a focal length of up to 15 cm to automatically focus on objects near and far so that the resulting image is sharper and clearer.

The V20 is also equipped with 4K Selfie Video on the front camera which will provide a better experience when doing selfie-vlogging. The results of the recorded video will be sharper and more detailed, allowing users to produce videos with 4K resolution.

In order to add higher quality vlog videos, the V20 also embeds the Steadiface Selfie Video feature on the front camera which will provide stability when recording videos. Paired with Slo-Mo Selfie Video which is able to produce the best interaction playback with the surrounding environment so that the vlog video is richer and more creative.

Vivo V20 Photo: Dok. I live Indonesia

I live V20 It also offers an Art Portrait Video feature that will provide a monochrome background and a bokeh effect, so that it can accentuate the colors on video objects.

It is also supported by Dual-View Video which provides wider selfie-vlogging creativity by double recording with the front and rear cameras at the same time. There is also a Picture-in-Picture mode in this feature.

Regarding the rear camera, the V20 carries 3 lenses with a 64 MP main camera configuration, 8 MP multimode camera, and 2 MP mono camera. The rear camera feature of the V20 has quite complete features such as Super Night Mode, Motion Autofocus with Smart Zoom, Memory Recaller, and Dynamic Sky.

Vivo V20 carries a sleek and stylish design with Ultra Sleek Design color. Like the V20 with the Midnight Jazz color which has a thickness of only 7.38 mm and weighs 171 grams, or the Sunset Melody color which has a thickness of 7.48 mm and a weight of 172 grams.

Regarding the kitchen runway, the Vivo V20 implements Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 720G combined with Funtouch OS 11 based on Android 11. This phone also has a low performance because there is 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, plus several additional features such as Multi Turbo, Game Turbo, and Jovi. Smart Scene.

Vlogging will also be more relaxed because of the 4,000 mAh battery from the V20 with 33W FlashCharge capability with 65-66% charging in just 30 minutes.

This cellphone is also equipped with NFC Multifuntions, which can be used for data transfer, checking and top-up of electronic money. Not only that, the NFC feature of I live V20 can also duplicate access card functions, such as access to buildings, offices and apartments.

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