Vizzotti received the first shipment of Pfizer vaccines from the contract signed by the national government for 20 million doses

The Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, together with the Legal and Technical Secretary, Vilma Ibarra; the Charge d’Affaires of the United States Embassy, ​​MaryKay Carlson; and the general manager of Pfizer Argentina, Nicolás Vaquer, received today the first 100,620 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 of the contract signed between the national government and the Pfizer laboratory for a total of 20 million doses by 2021.

During the press conference at the Terminal de Cargas Argentinas (TCA), Vizzotti thanked the joint work carried out with Pfizer to achieve the objective of having more vaccines and stated that “at the moment, in our country, 37.4% of the The population has two doses, in people over 50 this percentage rises to 76.5% and in the population aged 18 or over 52.3% already have their complete scheme ”.

In this sense, the minister announced that “these vaccines, as we agree with CONAIN, the experts and the Federal Health Council (COFESA) will be used to initiate vaccination schemes for adolescents without comorbidities in a universal way, starting with those of 17 years , or, depending on the provincial plans, to complete vaccination schedules ”.

“It is important to clarify that, depending on the progress of vaccination in the provinces, starting this month and continuing in October with the arrival of a greater number of doses, it is possible, before the end of the year, to advance with adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age universally, which is a total of 5 million ”, said Vizzotti.

In addition, the head of the national health portfolio reported that “a Ministerial Resolution has already been signed accepting a new donation from Spain of 850,000 doses of Astrazeneca that we manage during the G20 meeting and will arrive in the coming weeks.”

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Regarding the arrival of the Pfizer vaccine, MaryKay Carlson pointed out that “it will generate a great impact on the vaccination of the Argentine people”, and highlighted that “the United States of America. and Argentina are partners and we will continue working together to combat this pandemic ”.

Meanwhile, Vaquer declared that “it is a day of great pride, we made the maximum effort to develop an effective and safe vaccine”, while thanking the minister, the secretary and the government teams for the collaborative work.

Other highlights from the press conference

  • This is the arrival of the first shipment from the Pfizer laboratory for the delivery of 20.5 million doses this year.

  • The arrival of 580,000 doses of Pfizer is expected for the month of September, with the following schedule: 160,290 for 9/15, another 160,290 for 9/22 and the remaining 158,800 for 9/29.

  • During October, November and December the remaining 19.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccines will be received from this year’s contract.

  • The doses of Pfizer that arrive are conditioned and distributed, in this case with the peculiarity of -70 degrees. Their diluents and special vaccines are also arriving in the jurisdictions in a first delivery that will be made from next Monday.

  • We are also going to incorporate the Pfizer vaccine into our interchangeability study.

  • Epidemiologically, we are in week 15 of sustained decline in the number of cases, even during winter. The same as the hospitalizations in intensive care, the same as the tension in the health system, and the same as the deaths. And of course we continue without any urban agglomeration in alarm situation.

  • With respect to the Delta variant, which is present in 170 countries around the world, in Argentina 311 cases have been identified so far, 28 without travel contact, while the rest have contact with import-related cases.

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