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Vocational High School in Bantul Creates Electric Motorcycles from Bicycle Recycled Materials

KOMPAS.com – The manufacture of electric vehicles is now being encouraged as an alternative means of transportation that is more environmentally friendly.

Even large companies are currently launching many electric-powered vehicles.

In Indonesia, several universities have also created electric vehicle innovations. Not to be outdone by students at universities, students of SMK Ki Ageng Pemanahan on Jalan Parangtritis, Garselo, Patalan, Jetis, Bantul also succeeded in making electric motors.

Even this small electric motor uses mostly recycled materials.

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Vocational teachers and students make electric motors

The head of the Ki Ageng Pemanahan Vocational School Workshop, Wandi Purnomo explained, the manufacture of an electric motorcycle named SMK KAP started with a program from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology so that every Vocational School made a product. Of course the product must have something to do with the existing department of the school.

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“Actually, initially it was directed to videotron, but because it requires large costs and limited human resources, we switched to electric motors,” said Wandi Purnomo as quoted from the website of the Directorate of Vocational High School, Ministry of Education and Culture, Sunday (19/9/2021).

According to Wandi, the reason for choosing videotron was because at SMK Ki Ageng Pemanahan Bantul, there were two majors, namely mechatronics and computer network engineering (TKJ).

However, the making of the videotron turned into an electric motor after the Ministry of Education and Culture recommended that every school cooperate with a company that operates in accordance with the majors in the KAP Vocational School.

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Wandi explained, then SMK KAP cooperated with PT Chikal Bakal Mandiri to start manufacturing electric motors. In making it, Wandi also involved 6 people, both teachers and students.

“We involve 6 people consisting of teachers, and one of them is from the industry. In addition, the assembly involves students,” said Wandi.

Use recycled materials

The making of the electric motor has been going on since July. Considering that his party assembled 2 motorcycle units, in the end they only focused on one motorcycle unit.

“Actually, we want to assemble 2 motorbikes but one is still just a framework. So there is no further assembly stage yet. That’s why we are still focusing on perfecting prototype the first,” added Wandi

When asked about components for making motorcycles, Wandi admitted that most of them come from recycled materials and spare parts bicycle. While the power uses a 48 Volt lithium battery.

“If our materials are partially recycled, we use unused iron, collect it, cut it into pieces and assemble it. For batteries such as laptop batteries, they are connected in parallel, we use 48 volt lithium,” he explained.

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Electric motors can travel tens of kilometers

With these batteries, Wandi admitted that the electric motor at SMK KAP can go tens of kilometers. Moreover, this small electric motor can be charged anywhere.

“Technically, if the battery is full it can cover a distance of 30 kilometers. With a record of charging the battery for about 1 hour, and on the front handlebar there is an indicator for battery capacity,” he said.

Wandi revealed, the dimensions of this electric motor have a length of 120 cm and a height of about 50 cm. In addition, the motorbike can fit 2 people because the maximum load of SMK KAP is 150 kilograms.

“For the tires, use automatic, such as bicycle tires and several sizes spare parts use bicycle parts. Why is it small in size, because electric motorcycles are familiar with the shape of an ordinary motorcycle. So if we want to enter the market, we make something different to attract customers,” said Wandi.

Wandi admitted that he had tested the KAP Vocational School on the Cinomati route and it turned out to be strong uphill. The reason is that SMK KAP has drivers on the front and rear so that it resembles how a 4×4 car works.

Accept orders for electric motorbikes

His party began to dare to accept orders for electric motors. In fact, he said that currently there were several orders for electric motors.

“The price is Rp. 9 million to Rp. 10 million. But it also depends on who custom what will it be like then? If you order, Alhamdulillah yesterday, Dr. Tirta made 2 units. Furthermore, there are consumers from the Office in Kulon Progo as well, I just brought the KAP SMK to Kulon Progo,” said Wandi.

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Wandi added that currently the production at SMK KAP is not more than one month. This is reflected in the previous experience which took about 2 months to complete one unit of SMK KAP.

“The first one took 2 months to make because there were many trials and so on. Well, after tomorrow’s trial, our target is less than a month to make 1 unit,” concluded Wandi.


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