Vodafone and Disney bring smartwatch for children to the European market – Tablets and phones – News

My son of 8 (then 7) received such a Vtech smartwatch for his birthday. I “studied” that thing and have to say I didn’t think it was such a bad thing at all. In addition, it had something educational too (looking at the clock, various educational games). And he has no privacy concerns in my view. (no GPS / internet connection etc). What I also include in a consideration is that a lot of boyfriends had him too. That is probably from the past when I was at the Bassischool. All my classmates had seen “The A-team” and were talking about the episode, but I was not allowed to see it because “too violent” (Only found out in adulthood that they always went wrong ). I don’t put all my principles aside for it, but it is something that could decide me differently even if I don’t fully support it.

You should also realize that you still have reasonable control over a primary school student. What were you like when you went to secondary school … everything that was not allowed just happened in secret. Now is the time to teach your child how to deal with all these digital developments. In my opinion this is all part of education. If your child starts shielding from these things, it may turn out to be much more wrong at a later age.

What I also see as a parent is that this really is a new generation. We “old people” still want privacy and find that very important. Because we grew up in a world that you first had to turn a wheel 10 times to share something with someone else. Privacy is not that interesting for this new generation. If something happens, everyone knows because it must have been filmed and shared by someone. They share everything with each other and everything is open.

The oldest of 11 now has Instagram (only at home he can use it on an old iPhone on WiFi) and a YouTube channel. I try to coach him in that with the things he shares. And he deals with it in a fun and positive way. But there have also been times when he was teasing towards classmates that he did not actually realize at all. That was a nice learning moment for him, because sarcasm often comes across very differently in writing than orally. Instagram … yes super wrong of course, and I really didn’t support it at all as a parent. But here too it is money that many classmates had it. And the biggest reason for tackling it was the Corona virus. All children have been in quarantine for months. And the children in his class used this to keep in touch with each other (video calling / chatting etc.). Realize that it is a mega impact for the all-sharing new youth and they suddenly can no longer have contact with each other.

anyway: TLDR: It’s a new generation, don’t see it too black and white. Social media is a permanent thing and will not go away, so you better let your young children learn to deal with it.

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