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Vodafone and Telekom: more data for certain Customer

Germany is one of the laggards in the area of ​​mobile telephony, because comparatively little money has to be paid for comparatively little inclusive volume. Now, however, customers at two network providers can look forward to significantly more volume, but not all users benefit from it

At Telekom or its subsidiary T-Mobile, users of the current MagentaMobil tariffs get twice the volume of data, without additional costs and without having to do anything about it. Specifically, this means the following changes:

  • MagentaMobil S: 4 GB instead of 2 GB
  • MagentaMobil M: 8 GB instead of 4 GB
  • MagentaMobil L: 12 instead of the previous 6 GB

There are, however, catch: only those who have registered both fixed-line and mobile-telephony at Deutsche Telekom and who have linked both contracts within the scope of MagentaEins will benefit. In addition, it must be a current tariff, which was completed after 4 April 2017. However, customers with 2nd generation MagentaMobil plans (booked between April 19, 2016 and April 3, 2017) can switch to the equivalent current generation rate for free and then also benefit from the advantages. Bad news for users of MagentaMobil XL with real flatrate. The unlimited amount of data can not logically be doubled, but while the other tariffs benefit from the increase in roaming abroad, the XL tariff for the overseas restriction remains at 23 GB. The automatic conversion of existing contracts has already begun and will be completed by May 4. Whether your own tariff has already been converted, can be checked in the customer center on the homepage or in the MagentaService app on the smartphone.

With Vodafone there is also more data volume and a few extras on top, but this is only for customers of the Red GB tariffs from the year 2016. These all get a Vodafone passport for streaming and the GigaDepot function, with the unused data volume in the next month can be taken. Customers with the Red tariff 1.5 with 2 GB are converted to Red S, but get no further benefits. With the other two tariffs it looks better:

  • Red 1.5 with 3 GB: Switch to Red M with 4 GB
  • Red 3 with 5 GB: Switch to Red L with 8 GB

Again, there are no additional costs, and both contract period and discounts granted will be taken into account during the changeover. Authorized users will be informed in advance via SMS about the date of the change and will receive a second message as soon as it has been completed.

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Vodafone and Telekom: more data for specific customers


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Vodafone and Telekom: more data for specific customers

Vodafone and Telekom: more data for specific customers

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