Voice actor on ‘Metal Gear Solid’ talks about the game’s remake

Rumors about the possible arrival of “Metal Gear Solid” to the new generation consoles through a remake have circulated on the internet for quite some time, and everything seems to indicate that they will regain greater strength thanks to the statements of one of the actors who lent her voice in the original installment in 1998.

David Hayter, the actor responsible for the voice of “Snake” in the first four installments of the franchise, has conducted an interview for Dan Allen Gaming where he assures that he has heard some things about the project long before it became a rumor of the industry.

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Hayder’s reveal doesn’t officially confirm that the game’s remake is in development, but it could be an indication of how plausible the return of “Metal Gear Solid” to consoles could be. “I just had a few conformations that it might not be a rumor a few days ago. Even that continued as a rumor. But now it’s a buzz in the industry, so that’s usually more accurate, “he said.

Hayter voiced Solid Snake before being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland in “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,” so it remains unclear if he will return to the character in the event of a remake. The actor commented in the interview that the lines recorded for the original PlayStation would be unusable.

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The dialogue of the game was recorded once again in 2004 for the remake entitled “The Twin Snakes”. Still, Hayter has strong doubts about the quality of those audio files should they be required for the remake.

The “Metal Gear Solid” franchise, in the same way that “Silent Hill”, is in a limbo that has prevented the launch of new installments because Konami, its developer, has stayed away from the video game business in the last years, to which they assure that they do not think to leave, although they have not realized promising announcements on some of their sagas.


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