Volkswagen T1: from the contours of a Beetle DNA Transporter


With the Volkswagen T1 (1950) reaches the kiosks the sixth of the copies that are part of the collection of fundamental historical cars to understand the history of Spain and Europe. This is a total of fifteen classic cars for 9.95 euros each, made of a metal alloy, 1:34 and 1:39 scale, and decorated with enameled paint, as well as with exclusive finishes in each of the models . Available every Sunday until January 5, 2020.

Produced in Germany between 1950 and 1967. Although it all started in 1947 with a pencil sketch: Dutch car importer Ben Pon saw a flat platform vehicle at the Volkswagen plant and, taking it as a basic idea, proceeded to outline the contours of a Transporter with Beetle DNA on the page of a notebook. Two years later, Heinrich Nordhoff, Volkswagen's plant manager, presented 4 prototypes: 2 vans, a combi and a small bus, one for the 4711 perfume producer in Cologne. Nordhoff promised that the Transporter would be as blunt and robust as Beetle himself: "These vehicles will not be treated with care, but in a very demanding manner for daily work."

The designers used the engine and the axles of that. Instead of a central tubular frame, the so-called "Bus" also received a one-piece body that was mounted on a ladder type frame. The engine had 1,131 cc and 24.5 hp at 3,300 rpm. It could transport up to 8 people, and the 2 rear rows of seats could be removed with few movements to release a capacity of almost 750 kg of payload. . (tagsToTranslate) volkswagen (t) collection


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