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Volkswagen Taigo, B-suv coupé for new young customers – Tests and News

The process that will bring the new Volkswagen Taigo to European markets, including Italy, from the first quarter of 2022 is truly unusual. The first SUV coupé in the history of the Wolfsburg company was born in Brazil – where it is sold, with slightly different characteristics, as Nivus – and is the result of a design, development and industrialization process totally delocalized with respect to Germany. All with the production for Europe which is concentrated in Pamplona in Spain. .

And as if that weren’t enough, the fact that it is probably the only car to be the fruit of the creativity of two brothers adds ‘uniqueness’ to this project. Marco Pavone, head of exterior design of the Volkswagen brand and José Carlos Pavone, who in turn is responsible for the design of Volkswagen South America, have signed.
Taigo is a ‘breakthrough’ model for other reasons as well, as it brings to the market a set of new features for the B segment – such as the unique shape of its suv coupé bodywork, the distinctive design highlights (Roof Pack, design package Black Style and Led light strip) and its great variety of decorations, colors and equipment possibilities – so as to complement the current Volkswagen range to attract and satisfy further customer groups. And it is the third MQB transverse modular floor car in segment B alongside Polo and T-Cross. Entry model in the popular SUV segment with its raised seating position, the complete view of the cockpit and the large space in the passenger compartment, Taigo does not, however, highlight the aggressiveness typical of certain models exaggeratedly characterized in an off-road key. Instead, it combines sportiness (there is also the R-Line variant) and elegance with versatility and intelligent solutions suitable for everyday use, including young families. all in combination with a generously sized trunk. At just 4.26 meters long, Taigo however offers an ‘important’ wheelbase (2,566 mm) which allows all passengers to assume a comfortable sitting position, which is slightly raised. The short overhangs give the Taigo, which is 1,494mm tall and 1,757mm wide, a vigorous and sporty appearance.
Taigo arrives on the market with numerous digital features such as Wireless Charging and App-Connect, the MIB3 infotainment system, a digital cockpit, Functions on Demand and We services. Volkswagen’s new B-suv coupé is launched with a new offer structure and with the R-Line variant characterized by new options and packages. Thanks to the modular transversal platform MQB, Taigo imposes itself in terms of safety and driving comfort. IQ.Drive Travel Assist systems with Lane Assist and pACC, Front Assist, Side Assist and Led Matrix IQ.Light headlights with Dynamic Light Assist which are peculiarities otherwise reserved for models of higher classes.
But that’s not all: Taigo is completely digital and always connected to the network: the Digital Cockpit is standard and the latest generation infotainment systems (MIB3) are always online.
The Taigo driver can also count on partially automated driving: when desired, the IQ.Drive Travel Assist system supports braking, steering and acceleration. Starting with the Style trim level, Taigo also comes standard with the new Led Matrix IQ.Light headlights and an illuminated crossbar in the grille, reconnecting from a stylistic point of view to the ID models and the new versions of Golf, Arteon, Tiguan Allspace. and Polo. There are two versions with 3-cylinder and one 4-cylinder petrol engines, all with front-wheel drive. The engines – all highly efficient – deliver respectively 95, 110 and 150 HP, with top speeds of 183, 191 and 212 km / h.
Depending on the engine, there are the 5 or 6-speed manual gearbox or the 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission.



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