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volunteers reported experiencing sexual harassment

According to them, they were “grabbed” and “touched”. All the women in attendance attended the party, along with VIP guests and singers.

Eurovision Song Contest organizers have denied the allegations, but Italian women’s rights groups are calling for an urgent police investigation.

A woman named Chiara contacted the community representing May Too and said she was sexually harassed during the event: the foreign singer-dancer touched her vest, but remained anonymous.

“I was offended. I volunteered and helped the delegations, and they didn’t control their hands. They kept touching us and one put his hand on his waist and tried to kiss me. I managed to escape. , but then someone else tried to touch me. It happened a lot of volunteers, “said another woman.

The woman, now in her 20s, added: “I was really looking forward to volunteering at Eurovision, but I never expected that to happen. What was supposed to be an amazing experience turned into an evening of groping.

Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera says several volunteers were speaking at the party.

“I was with another girl and a group of foreign dancers started looking at us and then they approached us,” says a woman named Francesca. They always danced very close, and at the same time they started touching us all. “

Martin Osterdahl, head of EU Broadcasting, said he had not heard of such complaints. However, Italian television said it was aware of this and intended to investigate the incident.

Volunteer organizer Alessandra Aires says she didn’t notice anything like that.

“If I had noticed something like that, I would have intervened and stopped the party. I can be sure I was at the party all the time and it didn’t happen.

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There may have been a few comments. “It’s unfortunate that someone wants to dirty the name of a song contest,” he said.

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