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TV presenter Dmitry Khrustalev said that it was difficult for him to work with Ivan Urgant on Channel One, he even wanted to leave the show.

“I saw that he was a blanket. As soon as I start to cover myself with a blanket, it immediately closes completely, and I lie naked, “Khrustalev shared in an interview for the YouTube channel” And talk? ” RIA Novosti.

He admitted that before joining Channel One he was dissuaded from working with Urgant. “It was very hard for me. I thought: “That’s it! I need to go to TNT and beg on my knees to let me back to Comedy Woman! ” – said Khrustalev.

At the same time, he stressed that he was able to stay in the “Evening Urgant” when the situation “cleared out”. Khrustalev admitted that at first he felt very uncomfortable next to Urgant.

“I acted like Kaa on Banderlog. We talk with the authors, I have fun, but he comes in, and I can’t say a word! I came funnier and more active than me, ”the host shared.

At the same time, the artist admitted that he was participating in the project with Urgant not for the sake of a large fee, but in order to learn to “be second”.

“It is interesting to me. After all, a person must do something with dignity, no matter where he is, ”he explained.

Khrustalev added that in the show on Channel One he got the opportunity to work in the genre of improvisation, and the name Mitya for him is a stage name, “mask” of a sneak.

“He is such a sycophant, sometimes even a sycophant, throwing jokes at the main host, he does not pretend to say funny things himself,” the host concluded.

TV presenters Dmitry Khrustalev and Ivan Urgant are hosting a humorous show “Evening Urgant” on Channel One. Previously TV presenters joked over the “secret” inauguration of Lukashenko. In June Urgant in his program commented photo of the striker of the Sochi football club Alexander Kokorin, who bought a protective mask made of crocodile skin for 30 thousand rubles. In February, TV presenters laughed over the fitness trainer who attacked the taxi driver. Urgant parodied fitness trainer Yana Dankova, who yelled at a taxi driver in the Moscow region.

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