Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

W.T. Woodson acts as if he were here before his first playoff victory since 2009

After the clock reached zero in WT Woodson's victory in the first round 29 to 14 against Robinson, the Cavaliers' offensive signaled the local Fairfax County crowd to become stronger and then left the field to join his teammates.

It was a measured and confident answer to a playoff win, which gave the impression that the Cavaliers, the No. 1 seed in the 6C Virginia, had been here several times. But they do not really have it. Not for a long time.

The last playoff program victory was in 2009. It was also the last time the team had a victory record before this year's 9-1 regular season.

"We are the number one seed for the first time in a long time. It's not supposed to happen. 10-1? Not supposed to happen. Because we are Woodson, "said senior defensive lineman Gurlal Nijjar. "But it's the chip on our shoulder. We have to go out every week and give everything because we have no respect. "

Perhaps that's what made the Cavaliers, Patriot District's co-champions, so serene after Friday night's win, is that after a season that has surprised many people outside of their cloakroom, they got used to winning.

"We are confident that we are in this position, neither by chance nor by chance," said coach Jared Van Acker.

Van Acker, who arrived from Battlefield in May 2017, said this season was defined in part by the comfort provided by the experience. The team has 31 seniors, a class that, according to the coach, has been the largest in the program for "a very long time". And the coach himself is more comfortable for his second year. After spending last year struggling to settle, he can now focus on football. .

"I'm joking that it's really the first year and the last year was zero," he said. "I arrived so late in the match that I learned the names of the players while I had to install an offense."

The Cavaliers have won this season with a defense that allowed 7.6 points per game and an attack that offers many options. They use two quarterbacks, Joe Pesansky, a sophomore, and Jack Fisher, a senior, as well as a set of wild characters including halfback Isaiah Barnes. Van Acker calls the different looks a "perfect mix".

Friday night, Fisher took the first goal and Pesansky was busy second. On this second record, the second player made three deep throws and finally developed a three-yard wildcat led by Barnes to make it 7-0. From there, Pesansky stayed in the game and continued to look in depth. He then pitched for three touchdowns, all over 30 yards.

"I'm coming and I'm just trying to control the game, the security checks and put the ball in the hands of my receivers," Pesansky said.

The Cavaliers' defense kept Pesansky and his company on the field, forcing Robinson (6-5) to keep the ball on the ground by making two assists before half-time. He stayed on top of the Rams' T-wing pattern, preventing them from moving and letting the clock tick.

The Cavaliers will face South County next week.


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