Waiting for the first goal or the Tribulation of forward Doležal. This year is completely bullshit, he admits

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Coach Petr Rada boasted at the time that you already looked like a twig. Did you have to lose weight?

I gained some pounds and the trainer said that I should lose weight. I then got to my weight, which I now hold. Maybe I’ll get even more physics and I’ll be even better and get back in better shape than I’ve had so far.

You gained a pound because of injuries. Can you summarize your health problems?

During the spring coronavirus break, we trained individually and I was injured during the first joint training. I had a crack in my groin. After three weeks, I started playing, but it still hurt. I played under the pills. It wasn’t that. Most people even told me that it was visible on the field and I didn’t feel comfortable either. There was a break after the season, during which I stopped feeling it. But right at the start of the preparation, the crack was restored …

How many matches in the independent Czech league were the elite shooters waiting for a goal
Martin Doležal 16
David Lafata 32
Horst Siegl 19
Libor Došek 17
Stanislav Vlček 27
Ludek Zelenka 34
Marek Kulic 26
Vratislav Lokvenc 21
Jan Nezmar 19
Jakub Řezníček 24
Pavel Verbíř 23
Marek Kincl 19
Marek Bakoš 17
source csfotbal.cz

In the spring, you could not use regeneration during quarantine, did you think it affected the injury?

I probably wouldn’t blame it when it happened to me in the first training session. But it is clear that the regeneration at home was not the same as at the stadium. No one was really used to it, and if one cannot regenerate every day, it is obvious on the body. In any case, after the second injury, we did not want to rush it and returned at least to the preliminary round of the European League in Dunajská Streda. It was already good there, but until then we didn’t play any matches and I lacked game practice. But then it got better and better.

But now the league has stopped again for a while.

However, I also hoped that the next stop would not come, but unfortunately, it did. Again, it’s a hit in the season. The competition will start again for some time. Maybe then it will be played again in a week, so that the league can finish and it will be hectic. Perhaps, however, we will cope better than after the first coronause.

How would you sum up 2020 so far?

Decent that this year is completely bullshit. There’s always something going on from the beginning and it’s depressing. He hasn’t brought anything good yet. Hopefully it will improve and turn around in a good way.

Jablonec striker Martin Doležal in the match of the 2nd preliminary round of the European League with Pjunik Yerevan.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

It may be even harder for you, because last time you scored ten goals in the fall and finished it in your best form so far, does that agree?

I think yes. At the end of the year the form was, but then the crown and injuries came and I didn’t get back into it. I didn’t even score a goal and it was more of a pain. I hope I’m not injured in the break now, I’m training it and maybe it’ll be good.

Are you experiencing the worst period in your career?

Probably yes. If the attacker does not score a goal for half a year, something happens in his head that he does not want. When he gets a chance, he doesn’t turn it, it’s more complicated. But I think that over time I will gain fitness and game practice that I will start scoring goals again. I firmly believe in that.

Did it occur to you that everything started right in the first spring round with a penalty that you did not change against Příbram at 4: 0 in the set time?

It occurred to me that I was thinking about it too. And in the next match in Ostrava, I missed a bit to score with my head in an empty goal … Somehow my luck turned away from me and since then nothing has fallen into my goal. It will probably come to man someday. I have to hope that the league will start again soon, I’ll give some smudges and it will start falling there again.

I admit that I was surprised that it was your first ever penalty in the highest competition.

That’s right, I never went for penalties. They were always destined for others. At 4: 0, however, everyone called me to take it. The boys probably wanted me to win the best shooter. I kept thinking about kicking it to the other side, but I changed it at the last minute. But I don’t think about it anymore, it’s behind me.

How difficult will it be now in Jablonec to make it into the basic line-up in the competition of Schranz and Čvančara?

They both play well, they score goals. But we’ll see, it depends on the coach. I take it I was hurt, now I’m getting into it and I’m starting on the bench. I think we could all play together. We have an advantage in this. Ivan Schranz can play from the ground up. We definitely have more variants. It also depends on the opponent and what tactics the coach will want to play.


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