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Waiting to win takes time. Cobblers come out empty-handed in Hradec Králové in terms of shooting and points – ZLIN.CZ

After the draw with Liberec, coach Vrba made two changes to the starter. From the first minute Reiter and Senegal Ndiaye played for the preceding, only Slončík and Dramé remained among the substitutes.

The first minutes belonged to the home team. The East Bohemians entered the match more actively, but the cobblers withstood Hradec’s first onslaught without any major problems. The visiting defense deflected all the balls, did not let the opponent have any chance. The first real excitement came only in the 15th minute, when Pilař shot from the center from the left side, but goalkeeper Dostál did not have to intervene, as the shot of the former representative went wide.

The Cobblers only threatened after less than half an hour of the game. Cedidla’s cross was diverted by the home defense, but after Ndiaye’s tackle, the ball reached Janetzké, who headed just wide from the edge of the penalty area.

Zlín came to life, they also threatened at the end of the first half. The Senegalese Ndiaye, nonetheless, finished off Reiter’s cross in a difficult position above. Just when it seemed that both teams would enter the booth scoreless, the home team struck. After a quick drive from Krejčí and a cross from the captain Kodeš, Gabriel in form hung in the air and beat the goalkeeper Dostál with a sharp header from the small area.

The Cobblers had to catch up to the opponent after the change of sides. The visitors improved in the second half thanks to the substitutions. They were bolder and more dangerous. The first shot between the three home posts was sent by Ndiaye in the 49th minute. nonetheless, goalkeeper Bajza had no serious problems with his attempt after Janetzký’s penetration. Fantiša’s header in the center of Cedidla goes wide again. The intrusion was recalled by a header from Pilar, who was also headed wide.

The game of the Cobblers was raised mainly by the substitute players. Slončík was especially full of movement and ideas. The young midfielder could be registered among the scorers immediately after arriving on the field. But his shot into the net did not end without preparation. Then the 18-year-old midfielder collided with Vukadinović, but only shot into the side net.

The Cobblers were clearly on top in the second half. Under greater pressure, Dramé lost the ball in front of the opponent’s penalty area, Gabriel led to the Zlín half, where he left it to Vašulín. Although Hradecky’s forward did not complete the escape, he rather slowed down the situation, he nevertheless moved the ball to Krejčí and served it to chase Horák, who beat Dostál with a ground shot.

The people of Zlín did not miss the conclusion. Even in great heat, they fight to the end. nonetheless, they did not score a goal, so they returned to the town of Baťo empty handed.

We managed the first half in an incredible way. At half time, I told myself in the cabin that we would climb a bit and it was true in Hradec, but alas.L. NOTwe entered the box several times, but the goal did not come off the post,” Zlín midfielder David Tkáč, who started in the starting line-up, regretted the loss.

The Moravians will try to shorten the wait for the first win of the year on Saturday, when they welcome Teplice to Letná.

FORTUNA:LIGA, 5. kolo –


Objective: 45+1. Adam Gabriel, 74. Daniel Horák

Referee: Starý – Kotík, Dresler (Vokoun) | VAR: Machálek | Avar: Caletka

Yellow card: Kodeš, Ja. Climate – Fantiš, Reiter
Viewers: 8567

Hradec Králové: Bajza – Ja. Klíma, Heidenreich, Leibl (66. Ševčík) – Gabriel, Kučera, Kodeš, Dancák (46. Rada) – Pilař (66. Horák), Krejčí st. (82. P. Juliš) – Vašulín (90. Bohemia). Coach: Weber.

Zlín: Dostál – Cedidla, Simerský, Didiba, Čelůstka (78. Kovinić) – Kolář (58. Slončík) – Reiter (58. Vukadinović), Janetzký, Tkáč (86. Žák), Fantiš – Ndiamé (58.). Coach: Willow.

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