Wallonia passes the 50% barrier!

This Tuesday, May 25, one in two Walloons over the age of 18 has now received at least one dose of vaccine against the coronavirus. A symbolic bar, but also a sign that vaccination is progressing well in the south of the country. As for people who have already been fully vaccinated, they approach the rate of 20%. By complete vaccination is meant two doses of the most widely used vaccines (Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna) or one dose of Johnson & Johnson, which requires only one injection.

For the moment, Wallonia vaccinates 200,000 people per week. The vaccination capacity will increase further, with the announced arrival, within less than two weeks, of 400,000 doses per week. The Region is therefore deploying new immunization capacities and summoning all the time. The time slots are already well filled until the end of next week. If the pace is maintained, we should reach 70% of vaccinated (at least one dose) by the end of June.

Bouillon finished, Farciennes lagging behind

As we revealed to you last week, Farciennes, a neighboring municipality of Charleroi, is somewhat lagging behind in Wallonia. It is true that it has the youngest population in the region, but that does not explain everything. In an attempt to catch up, and “in order to encourage vaccination for all and to offer maximum vaccination coverage throughout the territory, Wallonia will deploy a new vaccination unit in Farciennes”, indicates Minister Morreale’s office ( Health). “The new Farciennes local branch, which will be located at the town’s cultural center, will be active the week of May 31, from 9 am to 9 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays, on at least 2 lines. The appointment slots have been open since last weekend in the Doclr online booking tool. The experience will be evaluated later. “

The new Farciennes branch will resume the time slots of that of… Bouillon (province of Luxembourg), which will close its doors “with the exception of the second scheduled doses,” said the minister. “The entire local population targeted had the opportunity to be vaccinated at this local branch. “


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