Wanda Nara talks about the “triangle”, then launches the line of sexy costumes

Paris, a city loved and hated by Wanda Nara. In 2020, Argentina left Milan, ready for a new adventure in France, together with her five children and her husband Mauro Icardi, acquired by Paris Saint-Germain. A radical change of life and a suitcase full of dreams for the family, who had moved into a luxurious villa with swimming pool in the Ville Lumière. A place to spend happy years. Everything seemed to be going well, up to the scandal a few weeks ago: Mauro would have betrayed Wanda.

From storm to clear

wanda nara talks about herself in an interview and then launches her own line of costumes
A snapshot of the couple’s recent vacation in Dubai

In mid-October, rumors about the alleged infidelity of Mauro Icardi, who allegedly cheated on his wife with the model and actress Eugenia Suarez. At that point Wanda Nara she fled to Milan with the children (there she can count on a huge walk-in closet, we show it to you in the gallery). Then the near divorce, peace, further quarrels, a hot couple’s trip to Dubai and the return (definitive?) Of the serene.

The interview without filters

To celebrate the newly found happiness, Wanda Nara has decided to give an interview to an Argentine TV, where he reveals the background of the affair. From what she told, Wanda discovered the messages with the alleged lover by looking for images in the phone of Mauro Icardi. “The first reaction was fierce anger,” he said. The sportsman also admitted that he met Suarez in a hotel in Paris but, he swears, nothing happened between the two. But now “I trust Mauro blindly, I could fill this room with 200 women and I would be calm. We were able to choose each other again, ”concluded Nara.

“The Wan & Only”

Judging by the social media shots that both publish daily, the passion really seems to be back to what it once was. Half-naked selfies, hot kisses and a recent roundup of where Mauro Icardi e Wanda Nara pose in front of the Eiffel Tower, the undisputed symbol of Paris. Nara even wears a dress Balenciaga with the monument reproduced several times on the fabric, indicating the newfound love for the French capital. He, to celebrate it, uses a sweet play on words: The Wan & Only, which recalls the Anglo-Saxon saying The One and Only (the one and only).

Love and… entrepreneurship

wanda nara talks about herself in an interview and then launches her own line of costumes
Hot Wanda with the costumes of her line

Skilled businesswoman, Wanda Nara in this dark period, however, it was not idle. The star, who already has her own make-up brand, Wanda Nara Cosmetics, recently announced the release of his costume collection, Wanda Swim. In the photos where she wears some of her models she is more provocative than ever. The line is an announced success and a guaranteed profit. Because it’s okay to have found love again but Wanda wants to be financially independent. You never know.

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