Want to have a beard? Follow These Steps

KOMPAS.com Beard is often considered a symbol of masculinity in men. The existence of a beard is also considered to make a man’s appearance look authoritative.

The relationship between a man’s authority and a beard was revealed in a study published in Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society (2020). In addition to authority, the study also revealed that men with beards are also considered to be good fathers compared to men with clean faces.

For women, men who have hair around the cheeks have their own charm. Launch page healthstatus.com, Wednesday (12/2/2020), more than 60 percent of women said that they like men who have facial hair.

Seeing this, it’s no wonder some men are obsessed with being able to grow a beard on their face, especially those who don’t have the gene.

In addition to appearance reasons, some men also choose to grow a beard because of the health benefits it provides.

Launch healthdigest.com, Monday (24/5/2021), research from the University of Queensland, Australia, found that beards can protect facial skin from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause skin damage and cancer.

In fact, the protection obtained reaches 90 percent compared to a face without a beard. For those of you who want to have a beard, the following various ways can be done to grow it.

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Regular exercise lifting weights

Exercise, especially lifting weights, is a powerful way to stimulate beard growth in men.

The reason is, lifting weights can increase blood flow so that it can stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

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In addition, weight training and strength training can also increase testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Both of these hormones function to grow hair on the body, including on the face.

Citing research in journals Relationship Between Plasma Testosterone And Dihydrotestosterone Concentrations and Male Facial Hair Growth 1989, testosterone helps facial hair follicles to grow thicker. Meanwhile, dihydrotestosterone has the effect of increasing hair growth linearly.

Adequate and regular sleep

Not only good for overall health, getting enough sleep every day can also help facilitate the beard growth program.

To note, while sleeping, the body will release testosterone. As reported by Kompas.com, Friday (9/10/2020), testosterone levels peak at the beginning of the sleep cycle rapid eye movement (REM) first and has a steady amount until the moment of awakening.

Therefore, lack of sleep can reduce testosterone levels in men so that beard growth slows down.

For those of you who want or are growing a beard, it is recommended to sleep at least 7 hours at night. Keep the sleep pattern every day on a regular basis so that the benefits are maximized.

Eat healthy food

A person who wants to grow a beard must maintain a healthy diet in order to have an ideal body weight. This can help keep the body’s testosterone levels in the normal range.

Therefore, consume foods that are rich in nutrients and multivitamins, especially zinc, iron, and B vitamins. These three nutrients are believed to help stimulate follicles to grow hair in the facial area.

Apply a beard grower

The next way is to apply a beard growth cream. This cream also has other benefits, namely helping the facial skin area to stay healthy, soft, and moist.

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Currently, beard growth cream can be found in the market. One of them is Wak Doyok cream. This cream has been tested for its efficacy in helping to grow a beard.

For information, Wak Doyok products can be used on the head and face area and are made from selected herbal ingredients.

In addition to functioning to grow hair, Wak Doyok cream can also help a person to avoid the possibility of hair loss and graying.

Wak Doyok cream is easy to use and safe to apply on all skin types, both for men and women.

In addition to its powerful properties, the price of Wak Doyok is quite competitive when compared to other beard growth drugs or creams.

Even so, you have to be careful before buying the cream. The reason is, currently there are many fake Wak Doyok creams scattered on the market.

To get the original Wak Doyok product, you can make a purchase at the official store on the platform e-commerce Tokopedia.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately apply Wak Doyok cream so that you look more masculine.


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