War Could Break Out, India Arrested Chinese Army Corporal, Beijing Didn’t Accept it

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – Conflict IndiaChina on the Himalayan border just getting tapered.

This time a soldier China got lost and accidentally crossed the border between the two countries at Ladakh.

Military outcome India immediately arrested the soldiers China the.

Reported zonajakarta.com from Channel News Asia, Tuesday (20/10/2020) soldiers China which was captured by India is Corporal Wang Ya Long.

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Wang was arrested when it was discovered that he was in Demchok’s territory, Ladakh, operated by India.

China angry about this and the incident of Wang’s arrest could have resulted war again at the border.

However India declared that he would release Corporal Wang Ya Long after being asked why he got lost.

“In accordance with the security protocol, he (Wang) will be returned to China through the Chushul-Moldo area after completing the administrative process, “read the Army statement India.


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