Warner Bros. can count on considerable criticism around box office figures ‘Tenet’

Warner Bros. incurs the wrath of other film studios. Normally, film studios share the box office of their films right away. But Warner Bros. not with Tenet, the $ 200 million movie from Christopher Nolan.

That has already led to a certain lack of clarity. For example, it was first reported that the film raised $ 20 million on its debut, and now we hear that Warner only managed to make $ 10 million in the United States. Whatever it is, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the release.

Don’t just share
Warner Bros. doesn’t want to just share the data. This has a reason: the results will in any case be quite disappointing due to the corona virus. Ticket sales are lower because many cinemas are closed in the United States, including in large markets such as New York and Los Angeles. Other cinemas that are open have a lower capacity.

So it was never the idea for Warner to book a big opening weekend. However, it is believed that the film can be seen in the cinema for months, as there is little competition. That way, the $ 500 million needed to break even should be achieved.

Don’t share data
Regardless, other cinemas aren’t happy that Warner Bros. does not share the data. They wish Warner the success of the film, but they want more transparency. Normally, the studio bosses of rival studios see the data by the hour, which is a lot different now. Film studios, however, pay a lot for hour-to-hour updates, which are not given now. So other studios are not very happy with that.

But things don’t seem to be changing overnight, as Warner Bros. still does not give daily updates. So the figures are released once every few days. Currently stands Tenet at a box office of $ 207 million worldwide. Of that, 29.5 million comes from the United States. According to Box Office Mojo, the Netherlands is good for a nice one and a half million euros.

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