Wasn’t it risky? Criticism of councilman Marcelo Megna for participating in march # 17A

The participation of the macrista councilor Marcelo Megna in the march # 17A that took place this Monday, holiday at the Monument to the Flag, collected rejections and rejection on social networks. It is that the cook does not attend the ordinary sessions of the Council since the beginning of the pandemic of coronavirus for being part of a risk group.

“Councilor of Together for Change He does not go to the sessions because he says he is a risk group, but he goes to the antiquarantine marches without a mask. We pay this guy a salary “, questioned the Rosario writer Marcelo” Tatín “Britos on his Instagram account. To graph the situation, the local writer used the photo that the mayor himself published in Twitter, waving the Argentine flag from inside a vehicle and with the mask incorrectly placed.

For her part, the journalist Virginia Giacosa was not far behind in questioning the attitude of the cook. And she shot: “This jerk should understand what institutionalism is all about. Someone who explains to her in @ConcejoMRosario where she irresponsibly occupies a bench.”

Council sources confirmed The capital that the councilor of Juntos por el Cambio does not carry out face-to-face activities due to the protocol established by the Municipal Council with people over 60 years of age, despite the fact that in recent weeks at the Vasallo Palace it was decided to hold the sessions virtually ( remote) due to the advance of coronavirus cases in the city.

Although in the photo you can see that the Macrista mayor is in a car and not among the people, the misuse of the mask is not the best example. Especially in these times where cases are multiplying in the city.


“There were many of us today in Rosario and throughout the country who were able to express ourselves against corruption and impunity, respecting social distancing, in my case by car with the caravan by the Monument # 17AlimosAll“Megna posted on her Tiwtter account.

Prior to that, the councilor invited everyone to march # 17A called by Together for Change throughout the country, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Undoubtedly an attitude at least irresponsible.


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