Watch EBA TV live! Membership of TRT internet broadcast page and EBA student login TV frequency information

EBA live broadcast information became a frequent stop for students on Wednesday, March 25, the third day of distance education. TRT EBA live broadcast information, which many students follow through the EBA student login screen, can be watched through the TRT watch page without logging in via the internet. Trainings provided by specialist teachers are followed at different times for each class. Course content can be accessed at any time via the EBA watch channel opened by TRT for distance education. So, how can students who do not have internet and have to watch on TV, do TRT EBA live broadcast frequency adjustment? Here, detailed information about TRT EBA live broadcast frequency setting and EBA TV live watch screen on which the new curriculum is broadcast.


EBA live broadcast, which is accessible on different classroom-based channels, is closely watched by students who continue to take their classes through distance education in their homes due to the Corona virus. EBA live stream can also be watched live on TRT watch platform. Teachers and primary school parents will have unlimited access between 21.00-00.00 during the period when students can receive education on ​​from 09.00 in the morning until 21.00 in the evening. EBA live watch option will also be available on TRT’s official website opened exclusively for EBA. In addition, senior and 11th grade students preparing for the university will have more access to the EBA live broadcast. The EBA TV live broadcast screen, which is the distance education platform of primary, secondary and high school students, continues its education process through specially opened channels. Students who also have the chance to watch TRT EBA TV live broadcast without the need for EBA TV frequency tuning, will be able to watch their broadcasts from here.

EBA live broadcast can be watched instantly at determined frequencies and time intervals on TV.

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