watch out for signs in young women

The signs that may suggest breast cancer often go unnoticed in young women because the disease is more associated with older people.

But those under 40 still represent 5% of cases, warns Institut Curie.

At any age, monitoring and vigilance in the event of an anomaly

The breast cancer at the young woman is a reality that remains enough unknown the general public, even health professionals. Thus, the first signs or an unusual lump do not necessarily cause concern in these young women.“, notes the institute of care and research.

In addition, these women are not included in organized screening, which until now has focused on the age group most at risk (50-74 years), which makes it all the more important to regular follow-up.

If the median age of women who are found to have breast cancer is 63, “nearly 3,000 women diagnosed each year in France are under 40“out of a total of 58,500, underlines Institut Curie ahead of Pink October, awareness month for screening for this disease.

We must therefore be vigilant in the face of any anomaly occurring in the breasts, regardless of age“, to avoid a delay in diagnosis and treatment, advises Florence Coussy, gynecologic oncoloccus at the Institut Curie.

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