Watch out! This ‘delicious’ habit can cause cancer, here’s an explanation according to experts

LEFT CIRCLE – Appearance cancer caused by various reasons, one of which is due to several habits that are considered ‘delicious‘for some.

One of a kind cancer who can attack someone is cancer colorectal (KKR).

Colorectal cancer (KKR) is a cancer which occurs in the longest part of the large intestine (colon) or the end area of ​​the large intestine before the anus (rectum).

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Colorectal cancer (KKR) triggered by various habits, one of which is habit bad motion (thin).

This was conveyed by the Medical Oncology Consultant, FKUI RSCM, Dr. dr. Brotherhood Rinaldi.

“(Travel) cancer took decades. In Indonesia there are cases at a young age, perhaps from lifestyle, “Said Ikhwan as reported by Lingkar Kediri from ANTARA.

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Ikhwan explained that such trivial habits bad motion (thin) can present risks cancer colorectal.

“Low physical activity can pose a risk (cancer colorectal) although the contribution is not much, “said Ikhwan.


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