Saturday, 17 Nov 2018

Watch the first goofy trailer for Shazam from DC

At San Diego Comic-Con today, DC unveiled a first surprise look at another of its upcoming superhero movies, Shazam! who will be Zachary Levi as the movie's superhero. It's a surprisingly funny movie, which gives the impression that it's exactly what DC needs to escape the dark and ominous image of his franchise.

The trailer introduces us to Billy Batson, a child who has been introduced to a new host family and a new school. After fighting a couple of bullies, he is chosen by a wizard called Shazam, who tells him that he pronounces his name, he will win superheroes. He does it, and he suddenly turns into an adult hero. Great thing, but with superpowers – he works to try to understand what his powers are – zap people's phones to charge them and discover that he is bullet-proof. It looks like an amazingly funny and wacky superhero movie, which will be a huge turn of incredibly sinister DC movies like Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman .

The character is the first to be introduced who was not part of this initial batch of heroes in Justice League which is a bit logical: DC's removed from his expanded Universe more ambitious. in favor of films that are a little more independent after the success of Wonder Woman . While this means that the character is not as easily recognizable to viewers, Marvel has certainly demonstrated over the last decade that he can maintain a superhero franchise with characters who are unfamiliar , like Ant-Man or Iron Man. DC and Warner Bros. probably hope that standalone movies featuring these types of characters will bring the same success to their own, beleaguered series.

Shazam opens on April 19, 2019.

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