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VPNs are popular! These private networks which allow connection to the Internet in a completely secure and confidential manner appeal to computer novices as well as technology fans.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

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The VPN craze is never empty! While cyber attacks and data breach threats are still numerous, the use of a VPN (virtual private network) allows our devices to be equipped with high-performance devices to counter hackers. Security is an essential point of VPNs: guarantee the anonymity of users, encrypt data and protect against the theft of confidential information (bank details, sensitive documents, passwords, etc.).

Another reason that explains the success of VPNs for several months is anonymity. Equipped with a Virtual Private Network, your connection becomes untraceable. No more censorship, and you can enjoy unlimited access to all websites!

Streaming is also an important asset for many users. The ability to choose a virtual location anywhere in the world opens a door to multimedia content that you do not have access to depending on the geographic restrictions of the country in which you are located. This is all the more useful for VOD services!

  • With the fastest VPN in the range, all the world’s sporting events are at your fingertips: F1, MotoGP, Roland Garros, UEFA Euro, without any constraints.

  • And for expatriates, know that with a French virtual IP you can find your favorite programs broadcast by HBO, Netflix, Canal Plus, Salto, France TV channels or even TF1!

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Up to 82% reduction during French Days

While the monthly no-commitment subscription is marketed for € 9.60 per month, PureVPN hits hard on the occasion of French Days by offering a huge discount on its annual package!

  • 82% reduction for the annual subscription, i.e. € 1.75 per month ;
  • A 46% reduction if you commit over two years, which gives a total of € 2.96 per month.

At this price, it’s holding! For less than € 2, you secure your online activities and navigate beyond borders while taking full advantage of all the content available on the Web.

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