WBSS organizer explains transfer of Deer Fight from Latvia to Germany – Martial Arts – Apollo.lv – Sports

The original Battle of the Deer and Dorticos was to take place on March 21 in Riga, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, changes were made, as a result of which the two 90.7 kg division boxers in the ring will meet on September 26 in Munich.

“Germany has coped very well with the pandemic and there have already been sports and boxing events since the pandemic. Germany is also the first of the major football leagues to return,” explains Sauerland. “It’s a country that has been among the leaders in the fight against the pandemic. That, together with the facilities available to Plazamedia, allowed us to make a decision.”

Zauerlands also explains that the aim has been to make the fight place as neutral as possible.

“Both boxers come from different sides of the ocean, so we wanted a fighting venue that we thought would be as neutral as possible,” Zauerlands continues.

The organizer also does not hide that the decision-making process was influenced by the already mentioned studio offered by Plazamedia: “It is one of the best and most advanced studios in the world. The Germans are famous for their technology and innovation, and this studio is no exception. We will see something epic! “

It has been previously reported that both boxers will compete for three titles – the WBSS Main Prize or Muhammad Ali trophy, the International Boxing Federation (IBF) champion belt weighing up to 90.7 kilograms, and the title of “The Ring” magazine.

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