We Always Envisioned Normalizing Relationships with …


WASHINGTONSaudi Arabia said they always had a shadow to normalize the relationship with Israel. This was disclosed by the Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan.

Speaking in a webinar with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Faisal reiterated that normalization with Israel will only take place after the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

“We always imagined that normalization (with Israel) would occur, but we also need to have a Palestinian state and a Palestinian-Israeli peace plan,” Faisal said in the webinar. (Also read: Pompeo urges Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel)

“In the end, the only thing that can provide lasting peace and lasting stability is an agreement between Palestine and Israel,” he continued, as reported by Al Arabiya on Friday (16/10/2020).

Asked if the recent peace agreement signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain with Israel helped the process. Faisal said it helped lay the groundwork for bringing Palestine and Israel back to the negotiating table.

Earlier, when meeting with Faisal, Secretary of State of the United States (US), Mike Pompeo urged Saudi Arabia to consider normalizing relations with Israel. He also said that Washington supports a “strong arms sales program” for this. (Also read: Indonesian Ambassador Called Habib Rizieq Not Allowed to Leave Saudi Arabia)

“We hope the Saudis will consider normalizing their relationship as well, and we want to thank them for the help they have had in the success of the Abrahamic Treaty so far,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo added that he hoped Saudi Arabia would encourage the leaders or the Palestinian Authority to return to the negotiating table with Israel.

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