“We are losing the ‘clamp'”

Elvis García, professor of Epidemics and Public Health at Harvard University, has warned in an interview with the SER string of the danger of mixing vaccines.

“Clinical trials have to be done with a small number of people, controlled and studying the impact of the combination,” he warned.

If it is done in a massive way, there is danger, since no criteria for the development of vaccines are being followed, according to the expert.

“Basically, they are doing a study on a massive scale and I don’t know how the governments authorize it, since it is not known what will happen,” laments García, noting that “we are getting a little bit off. the clamp».

The epidemiologist is committed to always prioritizing health, although “it has always been influenced by political and economic issues.” In this sense, he adds that “there have been no clear guidelines from the point of view of public health.”


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