We are Peru: We only had a working meeting with Martín Vizcarra

The political party We are peru He clarified, in a statement issued this Monday morning, that he had held a meeting only once with President Martín Vizcarra, last February.

“We are Peru has only held a working meeting with the first president, Martín Vizcarra, on February 3 of this year, at the Government Palace, at the invitation of the latter,” they pointed out.

It was also specified that it was in the context of the presentation of the elected bench for the new Congress and that only common issues that benefited the country were discussed.

They pointed out that there was no other meeting “neither official nor unofficial” with the president after that. They also denied that there had been any phone calls.

On a second occasion there was a meeting on the Zoom platform to sign the Peru Pact, but this meeting was open and other political parties participated.

“We reject any undemocratic act of conditioning governance for the benefit of any political party,” they pointed out.

They requested that the Government give the names of the two leaders of political parties who asked Vizcarra to postpone the elections due to the pandemic, as detailed by Premier Walter Martos last Sunday in Fourth Estate.

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