“We can’t be playing”: Lupillo Rivera prefers not to comment on the personal life of his niece “Chiquis”

Lupillo Rivera and “Chiquis” are part of the media family that even stars in a reality show (Photo: Instagram @ lupilloriveraofficial)

After Chiquis Rivera will position himself in the middle of the controversy over his separation from Lorenzo MéndezJust one year three months after they got married, many of her fans were scandalized and showed they could not believe the singer’s determination.

About, his uncle Lupillo Rivera declared that in the decisions of the famous he prefers “not to interfere”, so it respects his personal life. So he said:

“Yes, look, we have talked very lightly, very few things, but well, you know, she is already a woman, she is already a complete woman, a woman who already makes her own decisions and we have to let her be because only in this way they learn in the people live, then she knows that she has my full support and she knows that I am here to support her in whatever decision she makes or takes “, Lupillo expressed to the program First hand.

Lorenzo Méndez and “Chiquis” Rivera separated after a year of marriage and four years of courtship (Photo: Instagram @ lorenzomendez7)

He said that he has no negative opinion of his niece’s ex-partner and, on the contrary, praised the way the singer also behaves.

I have absolutely nothing bad to talk about Lorenzo, Lorenzo has been a hundred with the family, he has been a hundred with everyone at home, and the truth is, my respects for Lorenzo. When things … when you make a decision you have to respect it and move forward in the decision you make, whether it is to stay with the partner or to separate from the partner has to be a firm decision, we cannot be playing, right? Wave that ‘we separated a month, two months and then we returned’ that wave with me does not go, “he added.

Finally, Lupillo made a recommendation to the former couple so that they remain firm in their determination.

“I believe that we raised it completely from the beginning of the courtship or love and from the marriage and I believe that this is how one should stay. What I can recommend to the two of them is that they make a firm decision and move on, whatever they say and whatever happens, they have to move forward..”

Recently “Chiquis” was singled out for expressing that Donald Trump is in his prayers, this after the president’s COVID infection (Photo: Instagram @chiquis)

A few weeks ago, after announcing the announcement of her separation with Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis decided to delete all records from his Instagram account, but soon reappeared with a new and sensual facet.

The first photograph he shared on his renewed social network was a controversial image where he appears showing his half-naked body at the bottom. And although the famous disabled the option to write comments on the publication, it was in later photographs where her followers questioned her and pointed to the fact that she posed so suggestively right after you have ended the relationship with your partner.

Not only his fans were scandalized for this reason, but also members of his family, in particular his uncle Lupillo, caught his attention for daring to be so suggestive.

This is the controversial photo for which Lupillo “scolded” his niece (Photo: Instagram @chiquis)

It was in her Instagram stories where the singer, who showed great excitement in recent days for his recent nomination for the Grammy latino, confessed that I had received many messages of hate and many others of support, and assured that while she decided to ignore the attacks, she does appreciate the understanding of those who support her.

In the same clip, Chiquis shared an audio sent by Lupillo, brother of his remembered mother and Band diva Jenni Rivera, who He asked her for explanations to know if she was wearing underwear in the controversial photograph or not.

As many people are talking about the photo that I uploaded there on social networks, in the feed, my uncle Lupe, I did not ask his permission, but I imagine he is not going to bother, a voice note that he sent me

In English, Lupillo asked Chiquis if she is actually wearing “panties” in the picture, and urged her to buy and wear underwear. At his recommendation, the Mexican regional music singer did nothing but laugh at her uncle, assuring that the photo is not so serious “because you can’t see anything.”


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