We chat with Mario Casas about Netflix’s ‘The Practitioner’

    The professional maturity that Mario Casas has been acquiring project after project is evident in ‘The practitioner’, the new movie of Netflix that confirms the good harmony of the actor with the platform. In it he gives life to Ángel, an obsessive psychopath who has been the greatest professional challenge for Casas in his increasingly fruitful career. “I worked with a psychiatrist for days to find out what the behaviors and traits of these types of people are,” says the actor.

    Mario Casas convinces in this thriller with an interpretation that bristles the skin in many moments of the film where the tension increases as the minutes go by. His appearance marked by a strong and drastic loss of weight, as well as a physical deterioration in which he surprises with his hair, ends up wrapping this character caramel that Carles Torres (his director) gave him. Getting this physique was not easy. Casas had to face a new transformation that, as he says, was necessary to play Ángel due to his situation of being in a wheelchair. “I did not get out of the chair all day, for almost two months between rehearsals and filming. I tried to be as faithful to what the character is telling and the injury he has,” explains the actor, who saw how his muscle mass his legs were disappearing because he was prostrate in the chair.


    mario casas on netflix practitioner


    “I took off a lot of food”

    The drastic weight loss that Casas experienced from being in a wheelchair was reinforced with a strict diet marked by a considerable reduction in many foods. “It was eating healthy: some fruit in the morning, fish to eat … I ate a lot of fish, especially salmon so that the fat it provides gave me strength.” The worst of these changes that involve losing weight? Mario doesn’t even doubt it: “What one suffers the most is not eating. It annihilates you.” The actor confessed that, although this time it was hard, there is another Netflix movie in which he had an even worse time …

    He sport It was also important to achieve this goal, although not as on other occasions, since in this movie Mario has had to do without his beloved gym and el CrossFit to hit cardio by practicing running. “By doing cardio, starting to run, you deflate and lose a lot of kilos,” says Mario Casas.

    mario casas on netflix practitioner


    Now available on Netflix

    Added to the intense performance of the actor is the excellent work of Déborah François as Vane, Angel’s partner. Celso Bugallo, Raúl Jiménez, Pol Monen, Guillermo Pfening, Maria Rodríguez Soto and Gerard Oms are also part of the cast of ‘El Practicante’, it is now available on Netflix.

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