“We come from worse things”: Sergio Berni spoke of his supposed romance with Viviana Canosa

Last week, Jorge Rial wrote an enigmatic message on his Twitter account assuring that a personality from the show and a politician had started an affair. Without saying who it was, the leader of “Intruders” wrote: “In the midst of the political quilombos, there is still time for the love between the journalist and the minister to flourish.” His followers quickly began to suspect that it was Viviana Canosa and Sergio Berni, the communicator did not deny it and everything exploded.

There were several days of much controversy where the agenda items of the show programs focused on how Canosa and the security minister of the province of Buenos Aires strengthen their possible love affair. In that sense and in a talk that he had hand in hand with Romina Manguel, himself Berni was in charge of answering all the doubts in this regard.

“I’m going to apologize for getting into a personal field,” anticipated Manguel, to which the politician stopped her from one: “Then better not get into personal terrain,” he said seriously generating tension. “Don’t answer me if you don’t want to,” insisted the journalist, and launched what many want to know: “Can it be part of an operation? It sounded a lot … you were related to a colleague, but also talking about the fact that you had left your house, that you were living here, in a collective. Do you think it is part of an operation? And get into your personal life, in your private life ».

It was there that the member of the provincial government led by Axel Kicillof replied: «Political operations have no limits. Those of us who have to have limits are those who do not have to divert attention from important things. These things do not concern us. My family is used to these things, we come from worse things: judicial persecution, persecution with different organizations that they had in the time of Mauricio Macri. But we already have the tanned leather, “he said.

Remember that Viviana Canosa, furious, she came out to answer these versions in a forceful way. «Once again I am the victim of a new smear campaign, where I am attributed a romance that is not true, therefore it is false and violates my privacy. Faced with this action of #violenciaMachista, I will denounce those responsible to justice, “he launched, making it very clear that he will go after Jorge Rial once more.

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