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– We have a long way to go – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedules

– I want to emphasize that there was strength and love. That’s what I take with me. Negatives, prejudices and the other part I don’t put a lot of energy into but that shows that we have a long way to go. It’s important to keep in mind, and it’s important that we stand up for it and discuss it – especially in Scandinavia, says Hegerberg NRK.

Just hours after the mass shooting in central Oslo on Saturday night, a Hegerberg badly lifted a rainbow-colored commander’s band towards the audience.

She was followed by posting a photo of the special purpose celebration on her own Instagram page, where she was greeted by support, heart and rainbow but also agitation.

USE THE VOICE: Ada Hegerberg, pictured here in connection with a Stabæk campaign for diversity, is accustomed to using the voice.

Photo: Staff

The 26-year-old shared a screenshot of the letter on Sunday night.

Throwing heads, stools and clown faces are among the symbols that fill the football star’s comment field.

It only adds the text itself «also in 2022».

– I must say to myself in a naive sense that everyone wants each other well, we are equal and we have equal rights. But the reality is harsh and the world is tough. It shows that we must continue to stand up for one another. It is important for the future and for those who grow up. We must educate the next generation, Hegerberg believes.

– Do you answer them?

– I answer those who send a lot of love, well. It is more important to respond to them and give them feedback. That they follow and back and spread support. It is even more important, says Hegerberg.

– It was powerful

The Instagram post that created these reactions is so a picture of the way Hegerberg celebrated the score 1-0 Saturday night. Even tonight as the streets of the capital should really be filled with colors, people and parties.

THE MARK: Watch Hegerberg’s emotional celebration.

There are still some complete idiots on the other side, who don’t think it’s nice, comments NRK football expert Carl-Erik Torp..

He described the photo celebration as fantastic.

– A clear and beautiful message. I think it was very nice that he did it, he was powerful, says the football expert.

Torp also respects that he shares a screenshot of the negative response.

Carl-Erik Torp

NRK football expert: Carl-Erik Torp.

Photo: NRK

– It just shows that we are in a time where there is a battle that must be fought. And it makes that clear in posting the incitement. It only reinforces the importance, I think that’s right, he thinks.

– Make me sad

Denmark’s star striker, Pernille Harder, has long been open about his orientation. He reacted strongly to the provocation.

– I think it’s terrible. Terrible. They think we’ve come a long way. At least you think so. That he always gets provocative comments because he supports it and shows the way … That makes me sad. I know that many people support it, but it still happens that some don’t, Harder tells NRK.

He experienced similar comments himself.

– Of course, it comes a little sometimes. I choose to focus on all the good messages I receive. Because, luckily I get the best messages, says Harder.

Torp also points out that the supporters are in the majority.

For every idiot who writes such a thing, I guess a ten who praise it. So it disappears into everything positive that happens, the football expert concluded.

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