We have nothing left, send at least a hundred crowns, the theater asks the public

There are currently five ensembles regularly performing at the NoD Theater. In addition to his home ensemble, led by director Janek Lesák and playwright Natálie Preslová, there are 11:55 ensembles, Turkey Meat, MASO Theater and 20,000 Jews under the sea.

Each of their projects is created directly for a specific space. In addition to the same generation from which they are formed, the ensembles that work at NoD are also united by their interest in the use of non-traditional forms of theater, the use of new technologies and non-traditional work with the audience. The theater is independent, most of the income comes from admission or renting space to other entities.

“In March and April, we broadcast online within NoDFLIX, for which we received a contribution from the Ministry of Culture to support online cultural projects. We also received co-financing grants from the Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague. Prague. However, these subsidies still count on co-participation, which we are not able to cover if we cannot play, “Jan Urban from NoD told Novinky.

“In our operation, grants have for a long time represented only a smaller percentage of our total income, most of which we have from playing (tickets) and rentals. And both of these sources of income are interrupted for the second time this year. “

So that the theater does not have to end and release all the actors, technicians, presenters, cashiers, producers and other colleagues, it needs help. The collection started on hithit.com.

“It is clear to us that no one has money to spend at this time, so we will appreciate every hundred crowns donated, which will help us pay the rent, energy or fees of everyone who works at NoD,” he adds.

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