"We have the feeling that there is a desire in Paris not to leave this case as it is," says the son of Sophie Petronin

Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin is waiting for the state to really act to release Sophie Petronin, held hostage in Mali since December 2016.

"I think of Sophie Petronin at the hands of his captors, we do not forget"Tuesday, May 14 Emmanuel Macron said during the tribute to two soldiers killed in Burkina Faso during the release of four hostages, including two French. The head of state assured that "Never does our nation abandon its children".

"One has the feeling that there is a will of Paris not to leave this business in the state where it is", reacted on franceinfo Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin, the son of Sophie Petronin, held hostage in Mali since December 2016. But "the will is not enough". The words of the President of the Republic have made "pleasure to the whole family", stresses the son of Sophie Petronin. But "Now we must act, we must consider something". Sébastien Chadaud-Pétronin plans to travel to Mali to bring his "psychological support" to his mother. But he hopes "to be helped" in his removal by the government.

franceinfo: What was your reaction when you heard the head of state?

Sébastien Chadaud-Petronin: It makes us happy. It pleased the whole family. I feel that it is sincere. We felt warmth in his words. It touched us. We lived a difficult news. There is a happy liberation and there is a tragedy, because there are two French soldiers who lost their lives. It's very shared as feeling. We have this shared feeling. We can not rejoice, because Sophie is somewhere in the Sahel. As Mr. Macron says, we do not know where she is.

I think we have to try to give him some support. I continue to say that we can not abandon it. Now we must act. This may be the right time to meet Mr. Macron and discuss with him what the prospects are, even if he is restricted. We must consider something. We can not abandon it. I sincerely thank him for the words he has had. I hope he will receive me and I hope we can provide some form of support to my mother.

In the case of the hostages released in Burkina Faso, the army intervened quickly before they passed into other hands. You regret that it was not attempted at the time for your mother?

Of course we regret it. The measure of gravity was not taken from the start of the case Sophie Petronin. We all lacked reactivity, realism. We let it go. We did not realize that a few days later, we would definitely lose track.

This thought of the Head of State, it gives you hope on the commitment of France?

We made the decision, with the support committee, that I go back on the spot to try to support my mother. I do not know to what extent the French state wants and can help me. But, if a military option is not possible and if a negotiation is not envisaged, that does not mean that we must stay in France to watch what happens. I intend to go there to try to get messages, psychological support, why not drugs. And I need help with that.

This unfortunate news has revived the Sophie Pétronin case and one has the feeling that there is a will of Paris not to leave this business in the state where it is. The will is not enough. Now it takes action. I am waiting at any time to get an appointment or to be helped in the trip I announced in Mali.

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