«We have to reach more young people»


A few days of May 26, regional television look askance at the celebration of regional elections. The Federation of Autonomous Radio and Television Organizations (Forta), in charge of representing the interests of these public entities, demands "professional autonomy" from future leaders and an improvement in their funding systems to overcome the cuts that have been dragging on since the economic crisis. . Last year, the annual budget of all these channels was 1,080 million euros, which means a price of 27.6 euros per year per inhabitant.

However, this figure distances us from the spending of other European countries in regional public media. «We have adapted to the restrictive economic environment experienced since 2007. The financing of public media has decreased by 32%. In Germany or Belgium, with models similar to Spanish, budgets in the same period not only did not decrease, but increased and even tripled those of Forta, "explains the president of this organization, the journalist Andreu Manresa (Felanich, Mallorca , 64 years).

While recovering from budgetary adjustments, regional chains are also facing the decline in advertising revenue that affects free-to-air general television. According to InfoAdex, billing has fallen by 11.2% in the first three months of the year. A situation that they try to solve with the creation of a new model of joint advertising marketer, still in the development phase. "The common goal is to optimize our advertising possibilities to the maximum and define an integrating and egalitarian model so that all the organizations that wish to join," Manresa announces.

Seduce young people

The new forms of digital consumption are also a challenge for this organism. Forta joined forces with HBO to launch 'La Sala', an eight-chapter thriller starring Francesc Garrido and Goya Toledo, which involved an unprecedented collaboration between the two companies. From February it can be seen on the platform and in the coming months it will be broadcasted openly on nine regional channels. «The assessment is positive. It is a project that was born to promote joint production and create ambitious audiovisual content that can compete nationally and internationally, "he says. «We will have to find a space for coexistence. The platforms are a stimulus and we are working to adapt to the new forms of consumption ».

Regarding the hearings, the autonomic registered an 8.2% screen share in April. Precisely, their strengths remain the desktop news, where the regional TV, in many cases, are audience leaders. In this sense, the average age of Forta's spectators is 60 years and the goal is to find the younger audience. "We have to convince the new generations that they do not sit down to watch television. The challenge is State, global. We must give a decisive answer, but we are aware that we can not get bogged down and we have to keep up with the latest trends, "says Manresa.

Faced with criticism for the politicization of regional media, the president of Forta defends that "public audiovisual services are subject to exhaustive controls by their autonomous parliaments." "No means of communication is as controlled as we are public," he says. And in front of the formations that want to suppress the autonomic televisions: "We are not going to value to affirm affirmations of politicians in campaign", ditch. «But I would like to reiterate the role that we develop as the backbone of society and guarantors of public service. With an open and plural look. With more or less success, we have always tried to defend a model that promotes cohesion. "

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