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we know more about the microtransaction system

If we know that Valorant embraces the free-to-play model, the approach can raise many questions. Riot wanted to clarify his position.

[Mise à jour le 5 mars 2020 à 15h05] In an interview with our colleagues on the site Polygon.com, we learn without surprise that Riot wants to repeat the success of League of Legends. Players will be able to purchase skins and other cosmetic items through microtransactions. All these purchases will not change the way the game plays out or make it stronger, only the appearance of certain equipment. For now, cosmetics include weapon skins and sprays, which can be tagged on the card at any time. We are far from a model pay-to-win, less and less popular in recent years.

However, the emerging trend (from Fortnite) of the practice of the combat pass will be repeated here. Similar to Valorant, Counter Strike: Global Offensive introduced it several months ago. Rewards will therefore also be accessible by purchasing this battle-pass for less than 10 €, if however you spend long hours in games. It has also been confirmed that there will be no loot “crates” in Valorant and all of the paid skins will be permanently available for purchase.

Unlike League of Legends, there will be no character skin. At least at launch. The developers want to offer a balanced game, and efforts are focused on the gameplay. Adding a skin for each character usually causes problems with hitbox (collision mask) and therefore an imbalance potential. Riot wants to offer ultra-competitive games, which requires an equal footing for the whole roster of characters. Society is also concerned about situations where it becomes less obvious to identify certain characters while playing. The subject is therefore not closed, but it is clearly not a priority.

A project still in its infancy

The project was killed last October, but it was not until leaks that night that Riot reacted. In the morning, official previews appeared on the web, as did many journalistic previews. The new title of the creators of League of Legends will therefore be called Valuing. It is a free-to-play FPS in 5v5, which aims to offer very energetic games, largely inspired by Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

The characters that have been revealed are not from the cartoon universe of LoL. The general atmosphere, which can be discovered in the gameplay video, seems to embrace the SF universe. The playable characters are named “Agents”. Each has their own peculiarities, spells and skills. According to the developers, the gameplay depends a lot on the tactical aspect, teamwork and therefore on the cooperation between the players.

The inspiration for the mode of play comes clearly from Counter Strike, with a system of rounds. There are said to be “attackers against defenders”, which echoes CSGO terrorists against counterterrorists. A game is made up of 24 rounds, and the team with the most wins wins. Also, the shooter aims to be very competitive, and will reward the participants’ precision. The aim will be generally stable and faithful (even if the retreat requires to be tamed), so that a precise player with a pistol “will always beat an unstable sniper”, according to Anna Donlon, producer of Valorant. The agents’ skills seem to be reduced to a supporting role, not an ultimate one, as is the case in an Overwatch. In short, Riot is betting on skill by using a lot of mechanics from Counter Strike.

Riot took the opportunity to reveal the release date of this big project. Valorant is thus planned for this summer! The game is only announced on PC, for the moment. To play at 60 frames per second, a machine equipped with at least:

  • CPU: Intel i3-4150
  • GPU: Geforce GT730

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