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we know more about the processor of premium smartphones of 2022

It won’t be officially unveiled until this winter, but Qualcomm’s next high-end Snapdragon is already talking about it. Today the Ice Universe leaker believes it knows its final name and also gives us an idea of ​​its frequencies.

The next high-end Snapdragon chip is unveiled this week through some new rumors // Source: Qualcomm

Snapdragon 898 is the nomenclature that Qualcomm has finally decided to adopt for its next high-end Snapdragon, currently referred to as the model number SM8450. In any case, this is what the Ice Universe leaker tells us about Weibo. For the replacement of the Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm would therefore only change the middle 8 for a 9, in order to materialize the transition to a new generation. Several rumors previously suggested that the name « Snapdragon 895 » would be adopted. Ultimately it would not be. Note however that in the past the information from Ice Universe has not always proven to be correct. Caution is therefore in order.

That being said, the interested party gives us additional information on this new premium chip: the frequency applied to the CPU part. This information supplements the technical data that had reached us a few weeks ago.

ArmV9 at the controls, but frequencies not that impressive?

According to these previous rumors, the Snapdragon 898 would rely in particular on the brand new ArmV9 architecture and on a Kryo 780 processor. We learned today that this CPU part would be clocked at 3.09 GHz. In particular, we would find new generation Arm Cortex-X2 cores to replace the current X1 cores of the Snapdragon 888. Enough to develop 16% more performance according to ARM estimates. As a reminder, the CPU part of the Snapdragon 888 was clocked at 2.84 GHz, against 2.995 GHz for that of the last Snapdragon 888 Plus. The performance gap between the two chips is estimated at around 10%

Compared to the frequencies of the Snapdragon 888 Plus, those mentioned for the new Snapdragon 898 do not seem particularly impressive … especially as the switch to the new 4 nm engraving process (compared to 5 nm currently) gave hope for higher frequencies. However, we can hope for an increase in performance and a notable improvement in energy efficiency thanks to the use of this new engraving fineness.

For the rest, we would find on Qualcomm’s new high-end chip an Adreno 730 graphics part. If we rely on its new nomenclature, it could develop very advantageous performance compared to the current Adreno 660 GPU. , the addition of a 5G X65 modem also engraved in 4 nm is also foreseen on the future S898.

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