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“We plead with you”: Greens write to Seehofer about refugee children – Berlin

Berlin wants to bring refugee children from the refugee camps in Greece to Berlin – the Greens are now asking Horst Seehofer for permission in a letter.

Signed by Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop, the two faction leaders Silke Gebel and Antje Kapek and Bettina Jarrasch, spokeswoman for the Group’s integration policy in the House of Representatives. “We sincerely ask you, as a federal state, let us at least make this small contribution to humanity and human dignity,” the letter said.

Berlin needs Seehofer’s approval

The background is as follows: The red-red-green coalition wants to bring unaccompanied refugee children from camps like Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos to Berlin and transfer them to a regular asylum procedure.

Last week, the coalitioners decided that they wanted to go this way via paragraph 23 of the Residence Act. It says that the highest regional authority can issue a residence permit to foreigners “for international law or humanitarian reasons”.

For this, however, the country still needs the “agreement” of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) had always recently spoken out for a “European solution”.

Reports of tear gas attacks on refugees

Now the Greens write: “We are watching the developments on the Turkish-Syrian and Turkish-Greek borders with great concern. Colleagues from the green European group are on the spot and tell us about tear gas attacks on refugees trying to cross the Greek border. The humanitarian disaster in the region is coming to a head. ”

This also applies to the situation in the refugee camps on the Greek islands, which had already been inhumane “before Turkey actually canceled the EU-Turkey deal and started sending Syrians towards Greece”. They are becoming unbearable every day.

“Neither the Federal Republic of Germany can solve this problem on its own nor much less a federal state like Berlin. A European solution is urgently needed. But given the danger that people will die in refugee camps on European soil, all levels are called upon to make their contribution” , the letter finally says.

It is still uncertain whether Seehofer will agree to the matter. Coalition circles said last week that it was assumed that the Federal Ministry of the Interior would follow the request. Group leader Silke Gebel told Tagesspiegel that Horst Seehofer was now “asked to accept this offer from Berlin”.

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