We summed up the jumpers’ results as if it were a team game. Which place of Poland?

Stoch is the first, Dawid Kubacki is the fifth, Piotr Żyła is the tenth, that is, three of our leaders staff where they belong. So the jumping winter starts promising. Especially that behind the backs of those we have been able to rely on for years, it was also good on that first day. And even more than good.

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What can Polish jumpers do? “Stoch is motivated and very well prepared”

There was a fight for a place on the team

Out of 12 Poles entered for the qualification, 11 won promotion to the Sunday competition. Only debuting Jarosław Krzak was eliminated. Aleksander Zniszczoł was 17th, Andrzej Stękała was 18th and Klemens Murańka was 28th. Again: good. And even more than good. More, because Murańka in earlier series In training he could jump fifth and eighth. And Groaning in all three jumps on Friday was so stable that he deserved a place in the team – he finished 18th, 14th and 18th. – Sure I hope – grunted when we asked if he was counting on Saturday. But the trainer Michal Doleżal, next to the certainty, that is Stoch, Kubacki, and Żyła, bet on Murańka (they will start in the following order: Żyła, Murańka, Kubacki, Stoch).

Kamil Stoch is finally here! Received a trophy for winning a prestigious cycle

Right, because Murańka showed in the preparatory period that he probably finally matured to regular, long-distance jumping. “I think” is necessary here, because cutting off the head is definitely a problem for a talented, but increasingly older player. He has a test on Saturday. Poland can afford victory. He must not be scared of this. He has to help.

Michal Doleżal announced the composition for the team competition!  Back after five yearsMichal Doleżal announced the line-up for the team competition! Back after five years

Poland is the best, only Germany and Austrians are close

Our team was the best on Friday. If we sum up the individual scores for the team qualification, we would have the following results:

Gentlemen, jumpers, repeat it on Saturday.

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