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We tried the Dash Egg cooker to make a cult there was there on Amazon – the worth it?



We tried the egg cooker to make a lean cult on Amazon – the worth it? (Photo: Reviewed.com)

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You need to think whether the first few years later knew that the first cave that broke an egg at his fire and had cooked egg alongside him with Mammoth crispy bacon for breakfast, thousands of years later , that we would eat the same thing (minus the mother).

Eggs are one of the best things to have for breakfast. But it is hard to get the time to do them at home before work, and in the office, there is usually no stove to cook them. Not to mention, making an egg, which is made of the ovary, or ’ there is no easy task on hard-boiled eggs. You can take them too, question them or put them in the public domain in many ways.

That's where the fast food cooker comes in. Amazon has 4.5 stars from the product nearly 10,000 reviews. Why do people love so much? It requires multiple eggs of all different types (hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached and omelette) in a fast, easy and clean manor. To find out if he lives up to the hype on Amazon, we ordered the device and put us through some tests (in other words, we made breakfast cook). Should you participate in the breakfast fun too? Read and learn.

How does the fast food cooker work dash?

Review of fast food dash cooker: Standard version (Photo: Dash)

There are two versions of the egg-cooker Dash version of the standard 6-egg and a version of a 12-egg egg. We got the deluxe version. The device itself is a simple simple contraction with a basic plate fitted with a single switch that blows you into the wall. The water enters the metal plate in the base plate using a clearly labeled measuring cup with water levels for different types of eggs.

At the top of the base plate, the boiling tray, which holds six or eight eggs, depends on the laying and on top of that the eggs, the egg-baking trays with oval slots or a omelette tray suitable for a three egg substitute, go. at least . The poaching tray and the omelette tray should be trimmed before cooking.

The main draw on the Dash chef is that there is no turned, spatulas or contact with eggs at all when they are cooking. They are staring for a certain period of time depending on the amount of water used and what type of egg you are trying to make.

When the correct level of water is inserted and the eggs are arranged, the total you make is placed on the lid and flip the switch / press the button to the front. The cook will extinguish, a steam will come out of the small hole in the dome and eventually a buzzer will tell you that your eggs are ready to go.

Does the fast food cooker really work dash?

In summary, it is working – and it works very well.

The eggs were hard-cooked hard, the potato eggs were poached and the methyls were light and fluffy – but only when the water levels were correct.

The Dash has a user manual and quick guide, and both have instructions on how to cook eggs in six or 12 increments for hardened or soft-boiled, plus instructions on four or seven chilled eggs. There are notes for water and water levels for hard, medium and soft boiled eggs, plus omelette / poached. But there are no increments or instructions for all numbers. If we wanted to make two chilled eggs, or two chopped eggs, or five or six, we had to play around with water levels to get the right level, or the eggs would be too long or too solid. . It was just a mini-chip, because it takes only a cycle or two to find the levels for the eggs that are needed.

Another issue was the removal of poached eggs from the trays. As the eggs have runoff, it takes some practice to find a way to get the egg out of the tray without pumping it and putting yolk everywhere. But, like water levels, with practice, it becomes easier.

We make eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cook and every time, they come out without burning, easily, without smells (too cold) and most importantly, without creating a mess.

The cooker is very easy to clean down (if you choose to clean it every time you use it) and the trays are very easy to clean out, although there is little mess anyway.

Should you buy the fast food dash cooker?

If you cook eggs more than once or twice a week, especially in quantities more than one or two, this is true for you.

It is great for office breakfast without stove, pots or pans to use. It's great for breakfast for kids without spending time on one egg or without a big mess to clean up. And it is wonderful to produce eggs that produce masses for dishes or press food.

The best part? These are regular and deluxe versions about $ 30, providing a low cost option for fast and easy eggs.

Get a 6-egg version of the fast food cookers dash for $ 18.57

Get the deluxe fast food cooker version dash for $ 29.98

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