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“We will be filled with excitement to do the MIC in Girona many more years”

It took her a few days to figure it out. It must not be easy to have to cancel a tournament that has been growing year after year for almost two decades and has become the main, almost worldwide, reference in the field of baseball for Easter. Confined to his home in Terres de l’Ebre Juanjo Rovira accepts with resignation and patience the postponement of the MIC for the COVID-19 pandemic. He has assumed that there will be no MICs this year despite keeping a small gap open in September. It will have to wait a year but the 20th edition will take place in the Girona region, confirms Rovira while managing with the clubs the economic effects of the suspension.

These days used to be the most busy for you. Do you find it strange to be locked away?

Yes. I feel weird for two reasons, because of being at home and also because these were days we were looking forward to. After 19 years of fearful work for Easter we now have to stop. It is there and you have to think about health. They are the special circumstances that touch us.

Is MIC 2020 postponed or canceled?

Since the General Secretariat for Sports and Federations have sent us letters stating that all sporting events must be canceled and confinement started, we have found it trickier. We first thought about the health and safety of people and made it clear that we had to let it go. We will be back in 2021. Although there would be a very complicated small possibility, which we believe it will not be, to try to do something in September. It is difficult because the teams will come from the summer, they will be new and, above all, we do not know how the situation will still be. Many foreign teams will not be ready to travel. The normal thing is that the 20th edition this year was 2021.

If it could be done in September, would it be a similar tournament or would it be smaller?

It would be much smaller. However, we see it virtually impossible, because we do not know how things will be.

Economically, what is the impact of the MIC not being held this year?

The economic impact will be very significant. However, the only thing that cannot be fixed is death. The rest, with enthusiasm, confidence, sacrifice and desire can be solved. We will work to return the equipment that asks for it or save them what they paid for by 2021. We are valuing asking for a credit and returning as much money as we can to people. It will be within a sustainability. If not, we will have to do a creditors contest.

There are more than 300 clubs in many countries and continents. How did they handle the cancellation?

We have given you two options. Give them back what they paid off, or save the registration for next year. We take care of a part.

Did they have any insurance?

Yes, but it covers situations like these.

You who were the soul of the tournament, how are you emotionally?

On the one hand, there is all the excitement that was put in by the participants, town councils and organization, and there is also the responsibility for the economic issue. Think we are all home with an ERTO doing what we can with telecommuting. Economic difficulties are significant and there are non-reimbursable expenses with hotels and providers that are also in ERTOs. However, we hope to start again with excitement and continue to be able to organize the MIC in Girona many more years.

Councils, hotels, stadiums … There are many more affected.

Yes. The hotels had reservations that could not be fulfilled and the councils also suffered. The other day, the president of PAlamós said that it was a major shock for them not to celebrate because it was a source of income. The noise is for everyone. It will not be easy but now we have to fill ourselves with excitement and think about the next edition.

Have you received support messages from mayors and other politicians?

Obviously. The first to find out were the mayors and they have all been by our side. We have been fully supported, starting with the President of the Provincial Council and all the Directors.

Is the commitment to the Girona region still firm?

Yes. With the new political legislature, we have signed new agreements and have agreements with the local councils and the Diputación until 2023.

Is there a MIC for a while?

Aquyesta is our illusion. It will not be easy to lift your head but we must continue. We will do this to celebrate the MIC many more years.


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