We will be less stuck in traffic until mid-2021 and this is why

September is always busier on the highway than the summer months, but this year is not too bad for the time being. In the first week, according to the traffic center, there was still 8.5 percent less car traffic than in the same week of 2019. That doesn’t seem like much, but for the traffic jams this means a big difference. Freight traffic has fully recovered.

Last week, car traffic declined even further, to 10 percent less than in the comparable period last year. In the meantime, the traffic jams have grown, from -53 percent to -32 percent compared to 2019. The specialists of the traffic center have no explanation for this, but there is much evidence that the longer traffic jams are mainly related to accidents and work. It is quite exceptional that work is still being done in so many places on the highway in September.

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