Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Weather: a sunny weekend and the temperatures that go with

VIDEO – Despite some possible showers, good weather should be everywhere in France this weekend. On the traffic side, expect heavy traffic during the Easter holidays.

After a sunny Friday all over France, The Weather Channel * plans a weekend just as hot. Before a light refresh scheduled next week, the weekend will be sunny over the vast majority of France, with however a few showers for the Northwest and a somewhat cloudy sky over the west of the country. Between Saturday and Sunday, the minimum temperature will be 9 degrees in the north of France, and the maximum of 30 degrees in the Southeast.

To follow the weekend weather, click here .

At the same time, the roads will be loaded during the Easter holidays. Indeed, all school zones will be affected by this weekend’s trips. While some end their holidays, others begin. Traffic will therefore be heavy on the country’s roads in both directions of traffic. The movements will be mainly towards the coastal areas or along them. All forecasts are to be found on the site of Smart Bison .

* The Weather Channel is a company of the Figaro group.

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