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Weather alert: there will be strong storms with gusts in Buenos Aires and 6 other provinces

March 13, 2020 21:46

The National Meteorological Service issued a meteorological alert for strong storms with gusts for Buenos Aires and six other provinces.

Through a statement, the National Weather Service reported a new weather alert for the provinces of Buenos Aires and six other provinces of the country. In these areas, storms strong with gusts.

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The weather alert It covers the southern, central and northwestern areas of the province of Buenos Aires, southern Córdoba, central and eastern La Pampa, eastern Mendoza, eastern Río Negro, central and southern San Luis, southern Santa Fe.

According to what is indicated by the National Meteorological Service, “on the southeast of La Pampa and southwest of the province of Buenos Aires, areas of storms of varying intensity ”.

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For this reason, “it is expected that in the next few hours these will intensify and spread to the rest of the coverage area. Some of them may be locally strong, and be accompanied by gusts, hail, strong electrical activity and locally, abundant water fall, “the statement said.

Beyond the mentioned conditions, the weather alert It also clarifies that “conditions will begin to improve from dawn or tomorrow on Saturday 14, from south to north” period in which “the cessation of alert for the north of Río Negro is also determined.”

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On the other hand, from the National Meteorological Service it was reported that there will be abundant rainfall in the Center and east of Chubut and Northeast of Santa Cruz. This area “is being partially affected by rains and storms. They are expected to spread to the rest of the region. Accumulated precipitation values ​​are expected between 10 and 30 mm, and can be exceeded locally. The intensity of the phenomena is expected to decrease during the early hours of Saturday the 14th. ”

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