Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Weather. April beats heat records

Rarely a month of April has been so hot. The thermometer has broken some heat records in some cities in the northern half of the country. Other records are expected by the end of the weekend.

The thermometer again beat Friday some heat records for a month of April in some cities, mainly in the northern half of the country, according to Météo-France which expects more records by the end of the weekend. end.

The mercury reached Friday the highest values ​​ever recorded for a month of April in several cities in the Paris region (Saint-Maur with 31.1 ° C, Nemours with 29.2 ° C, Torcy with 28.8 ° C), but also at Sens (28.9 ° C), Cambrai (27.6 ° C), Valenciennes (27.8 ° C) or Alistro in Corsica (26.4 ° C).

Other measurement stations have already erased monthly records beaten Thursday, such as Roissy (28.6 ° C), Evreux (27.6 ° C) or Rouen (27.4 ° C).

The hottest afternoon since 1949

In Paris, no historical record, but the maximum temperature has also climbed a few tenths of a degree. With 29.1 ° C, the afternoon of April 20 immediately replaces the day before (28.7 ° C) as the hottest April afternoon since 1949 (30.2 ° C), the year France had lived a period of longer and stronger heat.

Since Wednesday, with temperatures well above normal season, the country lives “A remarkable early summer sequence” which must extend until Sunday before the arrival of an unstable front that should significantly lower temperatures.

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Records beaten at Perros-Guirec, Lannion and Saint-Brieuc

Some heat records for April were also beaten on Wednesday in Perros-Guirec (26.9 ° C), Lannion (25.8 ° C) or Saint-Brieuc (25.3 ° C).

At the national level, average maximum temperatures reached Thursday 26.1 ° C, according to Météo-France. The afternoon of April 19 ranks among the four hottest since the post-war period, after April 30, 2005 (26.9 ° C) and tied with April 24, 2007 and April 18, 1949.

The overall average (minimum plus minimum) for Thursday was 18.2 ° C, the third hottest day in April, behind April 30, 2005 (18.9 ° C) and April 24, 2007 (18.3 ° C).

After a month of historically mild January, and a snowy beginning of February, France had experienced at the end of February an episode of freezing cold particularly notable because of its late date in the winter.

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