Weather forecast: why so much rain in June (and for how long)?


For many French people, this weekend of Pentecost is to be added to the list of "rotten" weekends in recent months. The wind and rain have even had dramatic consequences this week with the storm Miguel. A phenomenon that has been described as "winter" by meteorologists.

For strength is found that despite a pleasant start, the spring has offered little heat and sun since May. And that could continue for several weeks.

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The fault of the famous Azores anticyclone, so often mentioned in the weather reports. This zone of high pressure makes the cold air descend, which prevents the formation of clouds. Usually, it completes its crossing of the Atlantic from Bermuda in the spring, creating a shield against storms from the Atlantic at the level of the Golf de Gascogne.

But it must to protect France enough to grow, which is not yet the case this year. If hot air can come from the Sahara, especially in the south of France, France can at the same time suffer from the west a cool and rainy weather, which should not be arranged for the moment.

This Sunday, the forecasts of Météo France reported successive lows sweeping France at least until early summer on 21 June. Except for a relatively sheltered southeast quarter, it will be almost impossible to avoid rain for two consecutive days.

What's next? The seasonal forecasts of Météo France evoke for June, July and August "anticyclonic conditions (which) should dominate the period over Western Europe (…) with temperatures above normal"which is rather reassuring. In contrast to rainfall "no significant trend is emerging" for France. The data available suggest both a dry and rainy summer.

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