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Weather in Germany: Carnival extremely affected – removals have to be canceled

The weather in Germany remains changeable. It gets really uncomfortable at Carnival – there is a DWD warning. There is sad news for carnival friends.

  • The Weather* crazy in Germany: sun, wind, rain.
  • Wind and rain must still be expected.
  • A hurricane threatens on Sunday.

Update from February 23, 11:10 a.m .: Bad news for the carnival is now also in Cologne: Due to the strong wind, the city has the Schull- and Veedelszöch canceled on Sunday. “To protect all participants and all jokes on the train path, the Zöch cannot take place,” said the city. The move falls completely into the water. Initially, the only plan was to start and shorten the tour earlier.

Weather: Carnival parades are canceled due to storm gusts

Update from February 23, 10.30 a.m .: Sad news for carnival fans: Due to the heavy storm gusts that are expected on Sunday, the organizers have the popular one K-bustle on Sunday in the carnival stronghold Dusseldorf called off. The popular Carnival parade on the Königsallee can therefore not take place this year, as the Comitee Düsseldorfer Carneval announced on Sunday. A little ray of hope: the Rosenmontagszug however, do not be at risk.

In Cologne should be visited by hundreds of thousands of onlookers Schull- and Veedelszöch take place on Sunday – but in a slimmed down version. Several small moves have been canceled or are smaller. The festival committee Cologne Carnival said that it was expected to be able to move through the city “as planned”. The Rosenmontagszug in Cologne is less susceptible to storms than the Düsseldorf with its high motif cars.

Uncomfortable weather: Severe storms continue to plague Germany

Update from February 23, 9:15 a.m .: The German Weather Service did not give the all-clear on Sunday morning either Weather on Sunday, So it can in south and the center Germany too heavy storm come, which can sometimes sweep across the country as hurricane gusts. In the evening, these can also be isolated east of the country. Storm gale or hurricane gusts must also be adjusted in the higher mountains.

In North Rhine-Westphalia the DWD warned of gusts of wind up to wind force nine. There will probably be particularly violent gusts all around Aachen come. It is also in many regions heavy rain between 30 and 40 liters to be expected, which stops almost non-stop.

In some regions, the second highest warning level applies. You can find out how your situation is here at dwd.de.,

The red warning applies in some regions – it is the second highest level.


Update from February 22, 5:14 p.m .: Bad news for jecken: Because of the bad Weather forecast have in Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia the first Carnival associations their scheduled for Sunday Removals called off. The German Weather Service warns in large parts of Germany of storm gusts. These can occur at speeds between 60 km / h and 75 km / h from the south-west. Continuous rain is also possible. The official warning of constant rain is currently valid until tomorrow Sunday, the warning of storm gusts until Saturday evening, 8 p.m.

Among other things, the cancellation affects Karnevalszug by Essen-Kettwig, who was canceled on Saturday afternoon. Also in Salzkotten in a circle Paderborn it was decided to cancel the train for safety reasons. The Karnevalsverein Blue White in the district Scharmede announced on his website that he might want to make up for the move in the spring. As an alternative for that Jecken was the Carnival Party brought forward to 2 p.m. in the local rifle hall. Previously, several media had reported that the move had been canceled. In Saxon Strehla the carnival parade planned for Sunday is also canceled due to the weather.

Weather in Germany: Another hurricane? DWD with urgent warning – no all-clear for now

Update from February 22, 11.42 a.m .: Especially in the north, west and in the middle of Germany, a stormy southwest wind whirls on Saturday, heavy gusts of wind and occasionally even gale gusts through the country. As the German Meteorological Service now explains, no all-clear is expected in the night to Sunday. Accordingly, severe gale to hurricane gusts would occur in the south and in the mountains on Sunday.

Update from February 21, 5.44 p.m.: While it remains calm in southern Germany on Saturday morning, it is already storming in the middle of the country. In Northern Germany Saturday begins with individual heavy squalls, even on the North Sea hurricanes, That reports The Weather Channel.

On the chunk Heavy gale gusts threaten on Saturday. The stormy weather then reaches the Alps by evening. There are gusts of wind between 65 and 85 km / h. Then it gets really uncomfortable: “Beware of the weather on Sunday,” writes The Weather Channel. The storm low expected over Germany can become a full blown one hurricane develop, gusts with hurricane strength can be the result. Southern Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg, Berlin, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia could be particularly affected.

In Schleswig-Holstein it could get wet – just north of the low snow give. As the portal further reports, there could suddenly be “a white surprise” due to the large amounts of precipitation in the north on Sunday.

Weather in Germany: DWD with sobering weekend forecast

Announcement of origin from February 21, 11:23 p.m.

Munich – the big one onset of winter* is still a long time coming – and will probably remain so for the time being. On the other hand, they condense signthat more with an early beginning of spring is to be expected. Last but not least, the mild temperatures of the past few weeks suggest an early temperature explosion.

But that still seems changeable Weather the pleasant temperatures a line through the bill close. A carnival event on Thursday in Düsseldorf even had to be interrupted at short notice. Caution is still required for the coming days.

Weather in Germany: Expect bad weather even on weekends

With Storm gusts and stiff breezes* must be expected throughout Germany in the coming days. Again German weather service announced on Friday, especially the weather in north remain volatile and changeable. At the North Sea, in Central Mountains and also in the Alps storms must also be expected on Friday. In the night to Saturday there could even be some hurricanes occur.

Weather in Germany: Temperatures climb in southern Germany

The refreshing wind can Carnival and Carnival fans probably also on Saturday don’t miss it. Occasionally rain showers must be expected during the thermometer on Saturday in Bavaria to temperatures between eight and 15 Degree should climb. In northern Germany it has to be loud DWD meanwhile continue with stormy gust. rain and clouds be counted.

Shocked after the mild temperatures of the past week meteorologist with a sad one Long-term prognosis, Will Germany have to do without snow in the coming years? But also the forecast for the summer doesn’t seem to be more enjoyable. In the warm months, extreme weather conditions could affect Germany.

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