Wednesday at 4 am: “fireballs” in the air | Inland

The meteors can be seen in the form of shooting stars. “The special thing about the Lyrids is that they sometimes shoot like bright fireballs through the air and can leave a smoky trail,” writes Weeronline.

“The peak of the Lyrids takes place in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, April 22. Most meteors can be seen at 4:00 AM. You have to look east to southeast for the best view, ”said the weather agency.

According to, we can see about 5 to 11 meteors every hour around 4 a.m. “With the meteors from other swarms, you can see about 13 to 21 shooting stars per hour.” It will start to get dark just before 6 a.m., the sun will rise at 6:30. Then the party is over.

Clear, but cold

“The Lyrids are special,” said Weeronline. “This is probably the oldest meteor shower known to us as humans: these shooting stars were reported as early as 2,600 years ago. The Lyrids are from Comet C / 1861 G1 Thatcher and are so named because they seem to come from the constellation Lier. ”

The weather promises to be fine: thanks to the clear sky, the Lyrids must be clearly visible. Find a dark spot. In large cities and near greenhouses, it is sometimes more difficult to see the shooting stars. Incidentally, it will only be four to eight degrees. “And because of the wind, the wind chill is close to freezing,” Weeronline said. So put on a good jacket.

By the way, the Lyrids pass by every year in April.

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