Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Well of almost $ 500 million dollars can fall into the Peru

In 37 years of successful artistic career “El Sol de México” has accumulated an approximate fortune of $ 180 million dollars (S / 589 million) an enviable sum for which, according to the popular Netflix series, the Mexican singer-songwriter has sacrificed all his lifetime. But what would the average Peruvian feel if he earned an amount of money that doubles the patrimony of Luis Miguel overnight?

Furor is what is lived for these days on the website of theLotter.com , an internet portal where Peruvians from all over the country are buying tickets for the next Mega Millions draw in the United States for almost $ 500 million dollars. Without leaving the country, and making use of this popular messaging service, there are thousands of Peruvians who dream of obtaining a wealth that would put them in the top of the ranking of the richest in Latin America where they are Paolo Guerrero, Leo Messi, Thalía and Shakira.

What happens if a Peruvian wins?
When a user wins through theLotter.com , the company runs with all expenses paid for the person to travel to the United States to claim the official ticket, and also assigns a lawyer also paid by the company, who advises him when collecting the prize.

How does the service work?
When someone buys through the portal theLotter.com , a representative of the company buys the lottery ticket from a legitimate retail outlet in his name and stores it in a 100% safe place to deliver it to the user in case of winning. The official ticket is purchased according to the numbers chosen by the user, who receives in exchange a digital copy of it and which serves as a guarantee in case of leaving lucky.

Is it legal in the United States?
Keep in mind that no law in the United States prohibits a foreign citizen from winning the lottery. The only requirement to collect the prize is to be the carrier of the paper ticket. theLotter is the only website in the world verified by the Oregon lottery in the United States to buy official lottery tickets on behalf of users from all over the world including Peru.

Is an American visa required?
In case the winner does not obtain the visa to travel theLotter.com he claims the prize and transfers it to the user’s bank account wherever he is. However, until now, American embassies have never denied visas to people who have won through theLotter, because they are aware of the importance of granting a visa to foreign winners of the lottery.

Winners Portfolio
The guarantee that users have that theLotter actually delivers the official tickets is his huge portfolio of winners, It includes people from all over the world, including Panama, Colombia, El Salvador, Canada, Russia, Australia and Spain among others.

Recognized in the media
The messaging service of theLotter He has been operating for 16 years and has been mentioned in recognized media in the United States. NBC , CNN and the news channel Fox , who have reported massively the news of foreign winners who have won great prizes in the United States without ever having stepped on American soil.

Payment Methods
theLotter.com offers in Peru recognized payment alternatives including VISA, Master Card and Diners Club cards, with Master Card being the most accepted means of payment.

Next Big Draw
The next Mega Millions prize for almost $ 500 million dollars it will be raffled this Tuesday night. All results will be published on the website of theLotter.com .

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