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Wellness escape

By 2030, wellness tourism is expected to quadruple its market in Mexico, which is already the largest in the region, according to Deloitte. For the same reason, it is not uncommon to find experiences like the Getaway Wellnessing at the Gran Velas Los Cabos, a retreat that celebrated its third consecutive year.

Three days of planned activities with the purpose of helping attendees achieve a comprehensive well-being beyond exercising and eating healthy, and in the process clear them from the routine. Classes focused on aromatherapy, new trends in yoga, meditation, sound therapy and plant-based cooking with six expert teachers in each field.

The first day began with an opening ceremony facing the sea in gratitude to the four elements carried out by Tonatiuh García, who was the first to introduce holistic temazcal therapy in the world of Spa in Mexico and is over 20 years old of experience in indigenous traditions of the continent.

We immediately activated a HIIT training circuit with certified nutrition coach Rachael DeVaux, and later it was time to learn about skin care with a workshop by Adriana Azuara, who has been present in more than 700 openings of Spas in Mexico and Central America. A glow yoga class was also held, that is, neon paint was used so that the practice in the dark and with black light made the experience something different from a normal class, in order to make the bodies shine and connect with the interior itself without worrying about the rest of the people in the room.

On day 2 it was decided to start with a stretching class, to later learn through a practice of more than 5,000 years, aromatherapy, as with simple natural tools such as plants, salt and essences you can create scrubs and lotions with aromas therapeutic

The goal of the retreat is to feel more complete and achieve a total body conditioning through the connection with nature and is Diana Fernández Mestre, Wellness Spa consultant for Grupo Velas for 20 years, the creator of this concept of Wellnessing, a term that even coined the company and that means well-being in action.

“We have six wonderful teachers who come to share their experience, national and international experts that will give us a moment of meeting with ourselves, with concepts that will help us to a better quality of life. This concept of well-being that we promote will improve your body, mind and soul. ”

To reduce stress, just one of the experiences that most focuses on that is that of the sonotherapist with 26 years of experience with different instruments that he himself is developing, Roberto Gopar. A pioneer in practice and Oaxaca, he uses not only the Mayan trumpet for energy balance, he also plays the exotic handpano tongue drum, as well as Tibetan bowls among others.

Ancestral sounds and vibration align your body and mind as you enter a state of meditation. In addition to all this, the plant-based feeding workshops, one of the most important elements for integral health, were in charge of Sabra Seligman, a chef who created a system and diet of vegan food for a body transformation.

The last day of activity began with a new yoga session by Danica Jhonson once again and closed with a ritual such as the beginning of thanks in front of the sea and with fire. The next date of a Wellnessta Getaway is May 1, 2 and 3 at the Riviera Nayarit complex. _


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